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  1. Default fuerteventura report july 2011

    hi all

    i have just returned from a week in fuerteventura. i went with the misses so had to make a choice as to when i was going to fish, night or day, so i opted for the night sessions all week and spent the day being the loving, caring gentleman that i am ( keeping her sweet!).

    the fishing wasn't at its best all week but at odd moments was explosive.

    i met up with aram (gone fishing) and on the first night we headed to a beach down the south with juan diego (local) stefano (italian regular visitor) and met hans (german local) down at the beach. the fishing was a little slow with quite a strong northerly wind sweeping across the beach. Aram, stefano and i all had a small stingray (4-5lb) but our baits were getting striped by small edibles. aram then had a great bite and managed to land this superb hammerhead pup.

    the next night aram and i headed down the island even further. again the fishing was a little slow but i managed a small stingray (4-5lb) and towards the end of the session (1.30am) i landed this 60lb stingray with an amazingly long tail!

    after a actionless night and an evening off Aram and i headed to the west coast. after a couple of hours of fishing and our baits being striped we moved back over to the east coast where the wind was more favorable. after a couple of massive missed bites i eventually landed a 25-30lb butterfly ray

    the next day me and my other half went to cofete. i took my rod with the intention of fishing off the large rock 4km up the beach. when i got there the swell was too big to fish so i threw my bait in and slowly strolled back along the beach. as any fisherman walking along the waters edge would do i was scanning the sea for any fish movement when i spotted something big in the surf (no more than 2ft of water and 15 yards from the shore line on a pushing wave). i walked in up to my knees and there was a jack crevelle of about 10kg swimming around my feet looking for bait. the best thing was, I had no bait and no lures on me! just my luck!

    the second to last night, Aram and i headed to a regular beach mark with ed from birmingham. he had never caught anything from the shore and was hoping we could get him at least something to put a bend in his rod. before the light had dissappeared i got the lures out and thought i'd give it a go for 10 mins. i had a good size bluefish follow my lure in but no takes and the light had gone so it was back to the bait. it was only half an hour into darkness and ed shouted 'i've got a bite' and sure enough he did! the rod slowly bent and the line started to peel off the reel.

    [ame=]‪FISHING IN FUERTEVENTURA Ed's first ray‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

    he landed this 50lb butterfly ray

    the bites then vanished for 3-4 hours so i eventually got up and headed down to the waters edge to see if i could see anything when aram shouted WOW, GREG! my rod had been slammed over and 20 yards of line taken but what ever it was never came back so we all re baited, cast out and waited. after 10 mins aram got up and started to walk towards the water when BANG! his rod did the same, slammed over, 20yds of line taken then gone. this happened one more time to me but we couldn't connect with what we thought were small shark bites.
    it went quiet again for a bit and aram spotted a large mullet swimming on the surface, 20yds from shore when ed asked ' whats that big black thing there!' and slowly cruising in from the deep was a sting ray over 200lb that came to within 4 yds of the shore line in 2ft of water. wow! it hung around for ten minutes, uninterested in our bait that we threw to him so it was back to casting out. Aram then had a great bite and an awesome fight.
    [ame=]‪FISHING IN FUERTEVENTURA - Aram's reason for opening late‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

    and he landed this 80lb butterfly ray

    the last evening came and we decide to spend a couple of hours fishing for edibles. the session started off promising with a few small white bream and a white trevelly

    but aram was the only one of us to get a sizable bream.

    all in all and enjoyable holiday and some great fishing.

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    Default Re: fuerteventura report july 2011

    Hi Greg. We have some fishing boats in Fuerteventura. We know the region well. It's great that you have been able to combine your passion for fishing with your "obligations". He, he...

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