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    simon webb Guest


    hi to all.i have just bought a small fishing boat and i,m in need of an engine,if anyone knows of one please get in touch thanks,alsoi,m very new to boat fishing so if anyone has any pointers for me that would be appreciated bye simon

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    peter webber Guest


    You dont say what size your boat is or what size engine you want.
    If you are after a 2nd hand one try your local papers or if a new one try surfing the web for a local dealer.
    As for pointers, what most people forget is safety equipment ie: flares, life jackets etc.
    Too many people go afloat with out these, even if you fish in a estuary you need then.If you dont have a ship to shore radio then take a mobile phone (check the battery before you go) with you.A spare anchor is a very good ider too.
    Let some one know when, where you are going and the tine you will be back, they can then raise the alarm if you are not(get then to try and phone you first).
    When buying flares check the date.
    good luck and be carefull

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    simon webb Guest


    thanks pete for your reply,you ,ve told me some good pointers there.
    my boat is 14/15 "" the engine must be between 5-20 hp bye for now cheers simon

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