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    John Shaw Guest


    i'm a course fisherman who's having a go at sea fishing,can anyone help to put me on fish just a few bites will do & they will all be returned i'm going on saturday with my son all help greatly recieved,thank's

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    Joe Foxall Guest


    maryport still has some whiteys and a few cod(2lb mark)whitehaven, st bees silioth is quiet. blackpool quiet morecambe bits.

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    Alan Roe Guest


    Fylde Coast Update 15/2/02Well it has been a long time coming but, there are some fish about. The past three weeks as we all know have probably the worst that any of us can remember. Relentless wind and rain which has all but put paid to the cod fishing, a shame too as it had been excellent up until this appalling run of weather.
    However, the good news there have been fish caught. Top fish over the past week has been a 8lb 4oz Cod caught by Tim Taylor fishing the pumping station at Rossall. Reports also of good numbers of smaller codling from around the same area. Fleetwood is giving fair numbers of fish with Dronsfield Rd., ChatsworthAve and Cadet Base all giving whiting, codling, occasional flounder, and a stray bass to 3lb. More bass are possible with the heavy weather pushing them through a little earlier than is usual.
    Cleveleys and behind Rossall School offers small codling to 2lb along with whiting, and flatfish.
    North Wall and Gynn wall have given moderate returns with codling to 2lb 8oz, whiting, flounder and dab.
    Expect the coming weekend to give some decent returns as the heavy weather subsides, the sea will still be very coloured but will be flatter and fishable. This should enable anglers to have some good sessions over the weekend. There is still a chance of a big cod, as there are still reports of the stry lunker being reported.
    Top bait will be worm but shellfish will also come into its own at this time. There are literally thousands of shellfish littering the beach after these heavy storms so there is consequently a larder of food there for the fish and the angler, bear this in mind when you go fishing.
    The outlook is good, after the previous three weeks it could not be worse really could it?
    Enjoy the fishing you have all waited long enough for it.

    Supplied By Chris Webb at Bait'n'Tackle St Annes Road Blackpool

    I normally post these on a couple of other websites and they are then transfered to others but as I had this one to hand you are welcome to it !

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    John Shaw Guest


    thank's alan & joe for the info i'll keep you informed how i get on.

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    John Shaw Guest


    Hi i caught 3 small codling & 1 plaice at heysham all the fish were returned to fight another day,great day had i'll be back.

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    Alan Roe Guest


    Fishing has improved and is fair despite the changeable weather. Low tides and the flood are fishing best,, codling,whiting, pouting,dab, flounder and a few small bass have shown.
    Workington, Maryport, Flimby, St Bees Lighthouse Point Walney, and Walney west beach. Maryport and the piers, for codling, dab and whiting.
    Maryport offers a good chance of mixed bags of fish with whiting, codling to 4lb school bass, flounder. Good results when fishing in darkness.Head for the rougher ground marks. Park roadside for easy access.
    Carlsons Tackle 01539 724867
    On the boats, Recent heavy weather has prevented boats getting out. however excellent catches over the past few days and continues to be expected when fishable.

    Codling catches have improved along with whiting,dab and flounder Flooding tide giving best results with things slack over high water.
    Rossall point, Rossall Hospital, Cadet base, The Gate, Grovesnor Wall, Stone jetty Morecambe.
    Stone jetty Morecambe has given some good catches of, codling to 3lb, flounder, dab and whiting. Blackworm, blow lug and ragworm working well. Long range casting can help but, is not essential.Mid flood to high water in darkness will give better results,
    Permit available from. Gerrys of Morecambe
    Contact, Gerrys of Morecambe 01524 422146
    On the boats, the small boat owners have found the fishing has been good when able to fish, with cod to 11lb, codling in good numbers between 4lb - 6lb whiting, dab, thornback ray to 11lb 8oz.
    Contact Dave 01524 858354 M.V.Skomer out of Morecambe
    Supplied by Chris Webb Bait'n'Tackle St annes Road Blackpool

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    Joe Foxall Guest


    JOHN TRY THE BACK OF THE POWER STATION NEXT TIME,go in between the two out flows and cast half and next to the rocks long the outflow its self.
    use lug worm- or lug and crab cocktail, go to morecambe anglers center on thornton rd for your worm, you might get a surprise this time of year i did several times.

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    John Shaw Guest


    thanks joe,i'm going up 1 week friday to fish the night tide,i will give it a try during the day or is it ok at night to fish.

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    Joe Foxall Guest


    durin the day brings eels- night time brings eels some bass and just after -to an hour there should be codlin to 2lb.
    the catch is the eels come first, if you dont get any or you have long spells of nothing give till an hr af high tide.
    no light tackle as shore cogers creep around(up to 30lb)12/13ft rod, good reel, single hook trace,mimium 20ib line on reel, and a rod rest, if you need any more help e-mail me, i lived there and i know the fishing spots well and ill tell u them, fish 3 up and tide down.

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