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Thread: Starting out

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    Stewart Branfield Guest


    I am going to try sea fishing, but I would welcome some advice on what tackle to buy on a limited budget.

    I will most likely be targeting flounder from the Thames at Gravesend and the Medway estuary,as well as the piers at Deal and Dover visiting.

    However, I would like to have a go at fishing for bass, possibly from Hythe beach.

    Also,I would like advice about obtaining licences/permits for said venues.

    In anticipation, thanks.


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    Stewart Branfield Guest


    Oh yeah, I nearly forgot. What length of shock leader do I use?



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    Joe Foxall Guest


    as a rule you dont need a licence to sea fish,for flounder fishin i us a 9 ft 6 uptider rod as the estuary is strong,cost me 33, off the beach a 12 ft rod and fixed spool or multipler, centuary do one foe 150 which will cover every fishin from rock to beach includin bass. shock leader 6 to 8 turns of reeland a rods lengh is all i use, depends on line and yourself.

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