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    malc green Guest


    Hi, anyone out there recommend a GPS unit for a open boat, not hand held,size matters as it needs to be positioned on top of my steering consul.I run an Orkney Coastliner.Cheers Malc G.

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    Gerry Castles Guest


    Everyone usually comes up with a different answer Malc but most would agree that the best of the small boats units are Garmin, 100, 160, 240 according to your budget. They also have a series made particularly for salt water use ( I think they're called 'blue')My unit is the 240, it's utterly reliable gives a very clear picture, the basic model has surface temperature, there is a transducer which gives speed as well and it's completely weatherproof. No contest.

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    Richard Sweet Guest


    The thing you have to look at here is how much you want to spen on a unit.I paid 200 for a eagle plotter gps last year it was a ex display unit but still had a full waranty.You could give jk max navigation a call to see what they have on offer is where i got my unit from.

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    Gerry Castles Guest


    Malc, I just noticed after three months that your question was about GPS and my answer was about sounders. Must have been having a 'senior moment'. If it helps at this late stage, I still stick by Garmin. Good sources of secondhand GPS are under 'sports' and then 'boats' or
    If you really want to see a good range of new/used GPS low prices then try the US version of ebay at GPS are under 'consumer electronics' just type Garmin onto the search facility. Postage for a single unit is about 12 and VAT/duty will cost you 22% of the purchase price plus carriage. you'll usually find a really good deal particularly on last year's model

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