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    Dan Silverwood Guest


    Leader Lines has just gone through a total transformation, the address has also changed to from the old version that was on

    This is one of the best sea fishing sites on the net, it is aimed mainly on East Anglia but has info for everyone in the UK.


    We Just Get Better And Better All The TIme!!!

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Nice looking site but the entry for Hunstanton raised a wry smile or two. The pier was demolished by gales more than 20 years ago..!

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    Dan Silverwood Guest


    "Egg on Face" that is what happens when you take a passage from an old book I guess.

    I will update it and gone through the other 63 pages myself in the next week or so, guess I should sack the researcher.

    Well spotted, apart from that, I hope you liked the site.

    Regards Dan

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    dean smith Guest


    if you want a good site then look at then cum bk 2 me

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    Keith Williams Guest


    One of the more useful UK sea fishing sites to check out is run by Mike Thrussel.
    It's bang up to date and is full of no nonsense info and guidance

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    Robert Ian Levell Guest


    Can anyone tell me a site where there is a list of boats licenced for sea anglers, I have one list from Sea Fishing Diary, but I am trying to find any more that I can.
    I am a commitee member for our local sea Fishing club and am trying to find all registered boats available.

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    Kieran Hanrahan Guest


    If ever any of you guys want to sea fish in Ireland, try looking at first - lists all the known marks and almost all available charters.
    Comments, criticisms and recommendations on new content always welcomed.

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