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    Sean Leask Guest



    I find myself with some time down in Cornwall during the last week of May. I will be on the Lizard Peninsula and looking to get a line wet. My tackle stretches to Fly, Spinning and some light medium tackle for rock, breakwaters and harbours etc. Any suggestions on species, venues and a good tackle shop in the vicinity. What bait and where do I source it from? Could someone also enlighten me with regard to the need for a licence to fish the sea? Do I need one? Thanks in advance.

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    Justyn Barbery Guest


    Na you dont need any licence to fish the waters. Their are loads of areas you can fish on the lizzard peninsula. I have fished the area a few times myself. Their are loads of species you can catch mainly gerneral summer fish, Macheral, Gar, Pollack, Wrasse. For harbours Mullion and Coverack, rock areas are abundent down their, find a rocky outcrop anywhere in a cove or out to the sea their most probly will be fish their. Hope this is of help,

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    Justyn Barbery Guest


    If u want more help, just ask, and il try to find out some specific marks, and how they are catching

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    Justyn Barbery Guest


    For the tackle shop, the best one i feel in cornwall is the 'city angling centre' in peoples palace which is in truro. To find it, from the main square (where littlewoods is) go up past HSBC past the cathederal keep on following the road past WHSmith, untill you get to Boots the Chemish, just after Boots and on the Left hand side of the road their will be a little street, and that is peoples palace, and thats where you will find it.

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    Sean Leask Guest


    Cheers Justyn
    I am new to most of the fish species in the UK as we have just moved here. This will be my first attempt at the UK’s salt water fish. I will find the tackle shop you suggested, spend some money and then make a nuisance of myself trying to get some info out of them.

    Regards Sean

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    Matthew Collington Guest


    Great arae to visit for fishing. You can dig lug, both blow & blacks on beach between Marizion & Penzance. Excellent Wrasse fishing at Portcurno, under the open air Theatre. Best advice is there is a tackle shop on main rd between Helston & Penzance. They do a booklet on local fishing marks they use.

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