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Thread: Holiday

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    John Toohey Guest


    I'm off to Marmaris in 2 weeks and was wondering if anyone has any experience of fishing there.


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    Don't know about Turkey however I have fished the Med around the Balearics a few times, whilst on holiday. Telescopic spinning rod, fixed spool reel & 12lbs line with carp float rig and bread will catch mullet, sea bream and trigger fish in marinas and off rocks and will provide plenty of sport although the fish will not be very big (2lbs - 3lbs max). For the bigger fish try ledgering with fish strip or squid (available from local supermarket)
    or plugging. Even better still try and hire a local fisherman to take you out in his boat....don't forget to haggle.
    Good luck and don't forget to post a report when you get back.

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    David Tovey Guest


    Steve is on the right track, I`ve recently returned from the Med and had some fun with harbour mullet. Best of over 30 fish was a 7lb grey mullet, with lots over 5lb.
    Method: Lite weight telescopic spining rod, 5lb main line with 6 foot long 5lb flurocarbon hook length. size 14 course hook.

    Free line floating crust. No float or any other end tackle.

    Had a group of locals spitting nails when they couldn`t catch. They were all fishing too heavy. The flurocarbon and tiny hook did the trick.

    Ps don`t forget to,take a landing net, I lost numerous fish over 7lb when I tried to lift them up a 4 foot wall.

    Godd luck.

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