Having got together the tackle for the rudiments of rock mark and prom fishing, I am turning my attention to the increasingly popular Continental style of long lighter rod and fixed spool reel, possibly coupled with braid mainline.

I went and looked at a very comprehensive selection of beach rods yesterday in the length range of 14-16ft.

What I want is a “proper” Continental action rod, like a Grauvell, rather than an English rod that has just been made a couple of feet longer like a Sonik.

There is a very impressive range of around 7 rods from Spain called Saiko Yuki which are absolutely beautiful but they’re all 14ft and I think I’d like a rod that’s significantly longer than the Daiwa 13ft I already own.

A rod that has piqued my fancy is a Grauvell Gamma 15ft, it feels lovely in the hand and with a reel on. However the whole rod is WHITE and that, initially was a turn off but it’s growing on me, given the array of orange, yellow, red, blue and green rods now adorning beaches.

Does anyone else on the forum fish Continental style and if so, where do you do it and what gear do you use?