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    Default Happy Fathers Day! Pier Fishing & Clean-Up!

    Another Day Helping Others & Cleaning Up Garbage!

    HAPPY FATHERS DAY to all the current, expecting & past dads!
    Met my young friend Zeke Planas for a relaxing day fishing. No reviews, just a relaxing day. Was crowded earlier but latter on everyone went home and/or to the huge carnival going on. Met a few new faces who has watched my videos & wanted to try this area. I helped those who caught fish as they weren't prepared for retrieving fish from 10ft down. I do answer my comments but anglers need to do their own work. Don't expect to lay back & have others tell you where to go. As part of being a fisherman you need to do your own leg work. All dedicated anglers learned areas by working hard to find these spots & how to properly fish them.

    I spent a good part of this day cleaning-up the area. Bought more bags at Costco & threw out 4 bags of garbage. When i left i hung several new bags off the ground so the mongoose won't get to them. Place looks good & no garbage smell. Some anglers saw what i was doing & helped. Thanks guys! I showed some new anglers how to tie hooks to sharing my bait. Netted a few fish for others & shared my extra water bottles with a couple. Left feeling good but exhausted. I hope everyone had a great Fathers Day weekend

    Gear Used-
    12ft Cedros Surf Rod w/Azores 65 Spinner.
    11ft Cedros Surf Rod w/Surf 8K Spinner.
    12ft Rockaway Casting Rod w/6K Blue Azores Spinner.

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    Default Re: Happy Fathers Day! Pier Fishing & Clean-Up!

    Well done Chris for being public spirited. It never ceases to amaze and apall me how we as humans despoil our world and leaving litter is one of the worst examples. I suspect the litter you found was bagged and then ransacked by mongooses or raccoons. We really only have foxes and badgers that might do that here in the Uk so best take your litter home and dispose of or recycle it. Leaving bottles, cans and paper in a beauty pot is unacceptable! I thought you yanks were cleaner than us in this regard!

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    Default Re: Happy Fathers Day! Pier Fishing & Clean-Up!

    Yes, mongoose are a problem so i try to elevate the bags off the ground. I was informed the only reason this abandoned pier is still open to fishing is because on base security & the CO are aware that it's being self-governed by myself & other responsible anglers. Thanks

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