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Thread: Dorset Coast

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    Wink Dorset Coast

    I had to take the Mrs to Bournemouth today and we took a walk along the beach between the piers. After reading a few comments on here recently it got me thinking....

    I grew up on the Thames & Medway estuaries and loved fishing them when I was a lad (a long time ago now). What gear would I need to do a bit of pier fishing down that neck of the woods? as it's about an hours drive from home. I've got some predator type rods for pike, and wondered whether that would suffice, or maybe an old carp rod.

    Wouldn't mind doing a bit of lure/feathering either. I take it I can buy bait locally when I get there?

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    Default Re: Dorset Coast

    Carp/Pike rods are fine in light seas and light currents. 2oz weight is about max for my carp rod but that is fine for dropping down the pier wall, in fact a 2oz weight will cast a long way with a well loaded reel and a fair wind. If feathering cut them down to 3 or 4, 6 is a bit too much in my opinion on a light rod. You can float fish as well if the conditions allow it or just try a lure.
    In a rough sea you might need to go heavier, a beach caster rod and 4oz or 6oz weights but check what the locals do.
    I doubt the mackerel will be around much longer once the sea roughs up and the temperature starts to drop so better get a move on.
    You might find my last post on the HDYGO thread a bit interesting, catching a couple of mackerel on a carp rod.
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    Bait is available locally,but Bournemouth itself is iffy,from what I know,though more local guys will put you right,at Christchurch Davis Tackle and Christcurch AC both sell sea bait,a small shop on the road from Christchurch to Bournemouth also sells it....
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