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    Default Samoan Crab Eats Mangrove Crab Surf Casting!

    It was Hooked But The Leg Broke Off!

    I was out there casting off those cliffs at 5am. Water was muddy from 5 days of heavy rains. The swells dropped to 4-6ft so i decided to cast a few lines. I used live Mangrove Crabs on dual hook leaders. Nothing wanted my baits till 10am. My bell on my right rig started to jingle. Hard. This usually means a Pufferfish or an Eel.

    But when i pulled the rod out of the pipe there was weight that wasn't fighting back. Ah, big crab! Almost back the weight disappeared & a hind leg of a large Samoan Crab had my Mustad 3/0 Hook embedded in it. That leg was hooked very well. The crab broke off due to it's own weight.

    After that no hits. Water was muddy & cold. So i decided to have lunch & call it an early day.

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