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Thread: "Malteaser"

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    Leon Turner Guest


    Does anyone have advice/knowledge about the shore fishing in Malta?
    I know that it is mainly rocky shores but clues about species, bait, tactics etc would help greatly!

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    The Maltese seem to fish for lots of tiddlers for the pot, using pole / float tactics. There are many small exotic coloured fish to be caught there, but the most familiar species for Brit's would be mullet. Can catch them with waggler set up and bread / bread paste for bait. There are plenty of of rocky headlands to fish from all around the island. The harbours at Valleta / Sliema and St.Pauls Bay are good for mullet, but don't bother eating them as the harbour waters are polluted with sewage, diesel etc.

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    Kieran Hanrahan Guest


    Hi Leon

    Spent a week there watching the locals pole for tiny fish like gilt headed bream and the like and I do mean tiny, and yet I also saw a small shark (tope?) swimming in under the boats in broad daylight in St. Paul. Malta is known to shelter a few great white sharks (one or two attacks on swimmers in the past few decades), had a blue fin tuna fishery years ago (now long gone) however I reckon that if you took beachcasting equipment with you and found a decent spot, some fresh fish bait (lots of very tough climbing and cliffs) you might do well...

    As for what to try for, lord only knows!


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