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Thread: Bluefin Tuna

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    David Mclean Guest


    Anyone out there interested in catching Giant Bluefin Tuna.Largest one caught on rod and line in Irish waters last year was 968lbs !! I have properly equipped charter boats booked for Sept/Oct 2002 from ports in Donegal,northwest Ireland.Cost from 360 euro for 3 days full board accom plus 2 days fishing.Contact me at

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    Richard Baker Guest


    Dear David,
    I'm interested in such a trip. Is there any chance you can send me a few more details such as nearest airport to donegal additional costs, do I need my own tackle etc. Any provisional dates would also be useful.


    Richard Baker

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    I am still awaiting a reply to my emailed enquiry as well.

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    Kieran Hanrahan Guest


    Lads, there are several boats operating in Donegal but if you are still waiting, go directly to the man who bagged the 968 lb tuna last year - Adrian Molloy - his website is and failing that, visit my own hobby site and check the boats section for details of all available charter services in Donegal including the contact details - area code for Ireland is 00 353 from mainland UK. Tight lines :-)

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