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    Rob Stubbs Guest


    I'm off to the US in May and I'll be spending one week in Florida. I know the Tarpon fishing is meant to be good but pretty expensive so what other fish are there about worth fishing for and is the shore fishing OK or should I just try and get out on a 'boat' ?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Martin James Guest


    Dear Rob I would suggest choosing the Titusville area of Florida. The towns people are very friendly, going out of there way to ensure you have a pleasant stay. To the south you have Cocoa Beach to the north are Playalinda and Daytona beaches. What you mustn't miss out on is the Kennedy Space Centre which is only a short drive away. Give yourself at least one day at Kennedy, Better sill two days. The wife and children want have to miss out any of the attractions from Mickey Mouse to performing Whales and all the other attractions that are on offer in Orlando. Your only a forty minute drive away and often you will reach your entertainment destination as quick if not quicker from Titusville than from Orlando. Cost wise its a lot cheaper to stay in Titusville. You will also have some good fishing on your door step. There are many hotels and motels in the Titusville area. I have stayed at several over the years. These days I stay at the Best Western Space Shuttle Inn just a short distance from the Indian River Telephone 321- 269- 9100 E-mail Nancy or Carol part from the good rooms and service, It provides a good continental breakfast and laundry facilities.

    Where to Fish

    I don't have enough experience of the area to pin point all the fishing spots and access points, My advise is get hold of John Kumiski's book Flyrodding Florida Salt or call in and have a chat with Jay Dee or Capt Pattie at Florida Fishing Outfitters in Titusville Highway 1 for further advice. E-mail maxfish@ Tel 321-868-0000 Providing the Captain isn't guiding. Alongside Highway 1 in Titusville flows the Indian river where you can fish from the shore line with an excellent chance of redfish and sea trout, Another venue I have fished is some two miles north of the Haulover canal on US 3 , On the west side of the road is a dirt track which leads to a good fishing area with fairly safe wading. Make sure you shuffle your feet as there are plenty of stingrays but they are not a problems if you do as I say. "Keep shuffling your feet" A few miles north of Titusville is the Mosquito Lagoon, I access the venue at Playalinda beach Can be excellent beach fishing with bait Also fly and spinning its a good play and surfing area between parking lots 7 and 8. Good size redfish and sea trout, Some of this area is a no motor zone because of the Manatee's. Another access point is at Oak Hill, Boat fishing or wading. Oak Hill is an area of clam and oyster beds, deep channels, wading flats, islands and deep holes, Giving you a excellent chance of finding some big fish. Baits, lures or flies, They will all prove successful at different times. What you must have is a fishing permit costing a few dollars. Don't try fishing without one, You can end up in jail, Also you have all your gear confiscated and pay a hefty fine. In my book that's how it should be. Collect a licence from Wallmart

    Indian river and Mosquito Lagoon must have some of the best redfish in the country with fish to forty pounds plus. Though the average size is probably six or seven pounds. Having said that twenty pounders are caught each year a few thirty pounders and each year one or two forty pounders get caught. During your stay I would suggest you and the family visit Merritt Island for its wildlife, Most of us are naturalists at heart. Feel free to call if you want more info 07779-473798 Cheers Martin James

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    Rob Stubbs Guest


    Thanks for the comprehensive reply. I know a skipper over their (a brit) who has a very good reputation for Tarpon fishing and I gather when I'm over (mid May) is one of the best times. So Perhaps a day or two Tarpon fishing - also meant to be a delta 2 rocket launch from cape canaveral <sp?> on the 17th - after they moved the shuttle launch.

    All I need to do is sort out my internal flights.

    Thanks again,


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