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Thread: Baby Herrings

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    Gary Knowles Guest



    Strange request I know but at a pub quiz last night one of the questions was 'what is the name of baby herrings'

    The answer they gave was whitebait. I always thought that whitebait was a seperate species of the herring family that did not grow above a few inches.

    Is this the case or was the 'quizmaster' correct ?

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    Whitebait looks like a common term for the young of herrings, sprats, etc, according to my reference.

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    Another reference says:

    "Any of the fry (young) of various silvery fishes, especially herring. It is also the name for a Pacific smelt Osmerus mordax."

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    Willie McKinnon Guest


    Hello guys,
    Jacks are young herring
    Joeys are young mackerel

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