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    Wendy Perry Guest


    Hi guys
    Well at the moment i am in a very hot sunny Cyprus and have bought myself somehing that is very similar to a pole but without elastic in . The guy in the fishing shop has rigged it all up for me and today i have been out fishing and caught a few tiddlers the bait i used was flour,water and honey and made it into a paste. I'd like to try to catch bigger fish has anyone got any ideas and i'll check back at this internet cafe tomorrow.
    Thanks guys

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    joe foxall Guest


    try a mix of dough and sardines, especally if theres mullet.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    You jammy tart.

    Where was my invite?

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    Is that the Internet Cafe with the webcam? Only I tuned in the other day and there was this topless blonde bird chatting in a Lancashire accent to some bloke about fishing with flour, water and honey...........

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    Wendy Perry Guest


    Lol yes that was me Graham, Sorry Rik i tried to call to see if you was available to rub oil into me but there was no reply hehehehe
    I've caught loads of fish today and one with a sting like a wasp to which i found out when it stung my leg as i was bringing it in, it looked very similar to a Perch haven't got a clue what it was .
    Anyway i have got some serious drinking to do so i'll see ya all next Wed when i'm back.I'm out on a fishing trip for Tuna tomorrow so hopefully i'll have a tale to tell from that lol )

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    Ian Whittaker Guest


    Wendy try sweetcorn- not for the tuna though-it should work out there.

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