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    james hunt Guest


    i need a cheap couple of beach casters+reels.
    are the ron thompson sets worth considering. if not can anyone recomend an alternative.

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    Carp Angler Guest


    My local sells a 12' Ron Thompson with an Okuma big fixed spool reel and a rig wallet all for 40.

    It's cheap ****, but you mostly get what you pay for.

    You can buy cheap, or you can buy good.

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    Kieran Hanrahan Guest


    Like the man says, you get what you pay for.

    It also depends on where you are fishing from and for what - how far do you have to cast? Fishing for Sole and Whiting is a lot different from fishing for Conger, Cod and Bull Huss. Shakespeare is a good cheap tackle brand - had one for twenty years and it only cracked off this summer. Ask your local Sea Angling Club - members might be prepared to sell you stuff second hand AFTER you have tried it out, and they will be less likely to stiff someone who is joining the club. They are also more likely to have "kit" that fits local shore and tidal conditions etc. and you will pick up on loads of tips, maybe even fish with them... FWIW

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    I couldn't agree more with Kieran. You can buy cheap and replace it regularly through breakages or just not right for the job. Or you can buy something up to the job, pay a little bit more and it will last. The trick is to balance value for money, the right tool for the job and quality. Shakespeare prduce some excellent gear for reasonable prices. I have had a number of their rods and reels for a good many years in coarse fishing. Diawa also produce some excellent sea gear at reasonable prices. I have a Diawa Sensor Z 12' beach caster although mine is ringed for multipliers you can get it for fixed spool as well. Their fixed spools are very reasonable too. To my mind Diawa is always worth a look, but steer clear of Okuma gear. The exhibitor at the Fishing 2002 show in Coventry told me they seem great value but are just not up to scratch which is why he won't consider them on his stall.

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    Dan Silverwood Guest


    If you need cheap you are in trouble, why not buy cheap good quality gear in the form of second hand.

    This way you get Daiwa, Abu or others at good price but you know it is going to perform well when you are bagging up, cheap new gear normally ends up in the loft because it lets you down.

    Regards Dan

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