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    Mally Richardson Guest


    Just getting back into seafishing after several years out. I fancy a new beachcaster but nowadays so many to choose from! Any help would be appreciated. I'm looking for a rod that will blast to the horizon but still see the Whiting nibbling ! - well I can hope ! Fish mainly on the East Coast/Humber area

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    Kieran Hanrahan Guest



    Judt bought a Penn Vendetta (12.6 for multiplier set-up) and it has good bite detection (never caught a Whiting yet, mostly Pollack, Wrasse, Coalies, Flats and the odd Codling!) but because of the soft tip, I have a hard time trying for the horizon! Well, I was never a long caster anyway, but this has added about twenty yards onto my old casts and I have not really got to grips with it yet. You could keep an eye out for lines that are being discontinued by a manufacturer as the last few in any of the shops, off or online, often go for a song. Buying second hand rods that you can take down to a beach with the owner and test seems the best option...


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    joe foxall Guest


    if yur not after an expensive rod but want one that handles the fish try the greys orion, nice piece of kit, handles the wind, good bite indicator, and stiff eough to give a good cast i use mine with a sl20, had no probs yet, and ive tried the best but keep goin back to greys.

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