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    I will be traveling to Dublin from New York, this evening, with my son and plan on fishing while I'm there. I am a beach fisherman and was wondering if it is worth a shot this time of year. If not, I'll fish for anything, lakes, rivers, that will give us some sport while we are there. Any Ideas?
    Thank you
    Ray Hanley

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    Kieran Hanrahan Guest


    Hi Ray

    It's a bit nippy this time of year but if you fancy beach fishing then check out the website link below. You will need a decent beachcaster (12 feet) and assorted kit and
    Rory's Tackle Shop in the centre of Temple Bar in the middle of town will sort you out as regards bait... they are also good for advice but not cheap... Well, nothing in Dublin is cheap any more :-)

    If you are looking for something a little warmer, you could try fishing for pike on the lakes around Blessington, there are some stocked lakes just north of Dublin in Meath with brown and rainbow trout, and the Liffey itelf has its salmon seasons start on the 1st January, and believe it or not there are a few salmon still left in it...

    Have not fished around Dublin in years, but you might try the for sea angling clubs in the area - quite a few...


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    Kieran Hanrahan Guest

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