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Thread: Head Lamps

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    Steve Mead Guest


    I am looking to replace my old head lamp and have been looking at the new MFA led/halogen lamp for 59.95 is it realy worth the extra and go for one of the Tiga/Samalite type ?

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    joe foxall Guest


    steve dont knock em like you ive used most of the top names, this lamp does the job big style, both in me sea and coarse fishin

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    Steve Mead Guest


    I am not "knocking" any of them just asking for peoples advice/views, which lamp are you talking about the MFA ?

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    joe foxall Guest


    thats the one steve mfa 2 in 1 from titan, the halogen is nice and bright even at a distance and the led gives plenty of light for close up work, buy the whole kit you get batttery/charger, head piece for batteries spare fuses and 2 halogen i said not let me down

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