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Thread: Bass on lures

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    I've fished the North Norfolk coast around where I live with lures for the last couple of summers and failed miserably.

    Anyone else in the same boat fancy sharing some info or better still showing me where I'm going wrong - I can offer accomodation and a bit of pike or zander fishing in return.

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    joe foxall Guest


    r u fishing deep divers if so try a midsurface lure or a popper, havin plenty luck at the mo for bass on static shrimp rigs or storm lure, esp whites have a look on storm

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Trying J13s, Thundersticks, surface lures etc.

    The stake netters seem to catch them but I can't.

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    Kieran Hanrahan Guest


    In the south west they tend to fish bass bullets on a very fast retrieve to make them immitate sand eels (which are quite fast swimming to say the least) and I saw an article in TSF that said the faster the retrieve the more successful the outcome.

    Never tried it myself (yet) but here is a link to bullet suppliers

    lots of other suppliers and links available.


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    Check out "Hooked On Bass" by Mike Ladle which is being re-published in May or the
    B.A.S.S. website.

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    Richard Drayson Guest


    I've heard that blue Rapala lures and Dexter Wedge's are good for bass.

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    So did I mate. I don't think the bass up here have read the articles.

    Agree about sandeels (caught loads years ago using them as livebaits...), we see a lot swimming off the beach in summer but they don't look anything like a Rapala J13 in the water.

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