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    Chris Bishop Guest


    What's the best snood material/length for preventing it from tangling around the rig body as you cast..?

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    joe foxall Guest


    try using bait shields and for snoods amnesia line(20lb), glad you got the hang of yur multiplier there'll be no stoppin you know lol

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    Richard Drayson Guest


    Breakaway Tackle make the impact shields which are secured onto the main body of the trace just above the lead clip.

    Any length of snood can be used with these without tangling.

    Other baitclips are available allowing you to use mutltiple snoods on the single trace body.

    As Joe says, Amnesia is the stuff to use for snoods.

    If I still had any sea gear, I'd add some rigs to the rig library.
    Unfortunately though, it's all gone.

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    Kieran Hanrahan Guest


    If all the clips, beads etc is getting you down - granted they do allow for excellent rigs and bait presentation at distance - simply tie blood loops into the main trace line. Provided you are using a relatively light line (under 20 lbs), you can then slip the loop into the hook eye and over the shank, leaving you with very short tangle free snoods with hook attached.

    With practice you can even position a hook into the line as you tie the blood loop and thereby generate a pennel rig... but that is tricky.

    Make sure the loops are sufficiently far apart that the fully baited hooks can not "interact".

    The loops can be tied as long or as short as you want. My preference is to keep them short to aid bite detection, and I usually use this system for relatively short casts.

    For longer distance work you need to look at the impact shields, clips, beads etc.


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    Dave O'L Guest


    Chris, I ain't an expert but these were the things a friend of mine told me. He is a regular contender for a national team so he knows a bit.

    He told me to keep snoods short unless there is a good tide to stream them out & even then unless clipping down keep them under 1ft.
    A blood loop helps hold the snood away from the mainline & he refrains from too much metalwork on the line other than swivels where appropriate.

    If all long snoods, impact shields are brilliant. A pulley rig is quite effective as well.
    If fishing for ray with a really long snood with sandeel I'm using 80lb on a running paternoster which will flow below the lead but clipped up for casting.
    If turbot & not casting far with long snood I'd be 25lb short one up, long one down, (ie 1 above hook, 1 below).

    Snoods may come back tangled on the retrieve but they may not be in the water.

    Really important is seafish do not need the lightline technique so I don't go under 25lb amnesia (20lb for flatfish) unless fishing for mullet or float fishing. You may have thicker line but the presentation of the bait is a lot better.

    Don't know what the proper sea boys will make of this but I found it helpful & believe it has cut down my tangles.

    Now to learn to cast properly??????????

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    I'm going to try and avoid pike fishing until June 16 and persevere with it until then. I'm also going to invest in some casting lessons - bit different to throwing lures around or lobbing out a mackerel tail.

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