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    Kevin Henderson Guest


    Hi all,

    I am planning a week holiday at Slapton Sands in June this year.

    Having fished there 3 or 4 times previously with not a touch I am hoping that someone in this forum may be able to provide some tips on where I am going wrong!

    Many thanks


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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Nice place but well spooky. Loads of young American guys drowned there when they were practising for the D-Day landings 60-odd years back, they say some nights you can still hear their screams.

    I never caught much there, it was meant to be good for rays I think.

    There are some great places within half hour or so's drive, esp the rocks and inlets around Torquay - Berry Head, Brixham Breakwater and the sewage outfall (can't remember its name...), near Babbacombe.

    I used to fish at Teignmouth a lot. Go on the end of the split there and you could buy live sandeels of the geezers in the huts.

    I used to fish a falling tide, 12 or 15lb line on one of my pike rods and a 3oz lead, lob it as far as you can into the river, hold the rod up standing in the water as the tide drops and feeel for bites.

    Truly wicked stuff. The harbour used to be good there for odd bigger bass, gars etc.

    Going the other way the Dart estuary on the prom at Dartmouth used to be good mixed fishing and there's some good places around Plymouth.

    Couple of the local papers down there have good fishing columns, Exeter Angling Centre or th tackle shop in Paignton used to be a good source of info, might be worth giving them a ring.

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Kev, another thing they used to fly fish for the bass and mullet of the breakwater in Brixham, right around the far end where the breakwater starts.

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    Kevin Henderson Guest


    Thanks Chris,

    Great advice.

    I notice that you are mainly into Pike and Zander fishing and this maybe off topic, but...

    Through work I have access to part of the Sharpness Canal North of Bristol and understand there are Zander there to be caught! I have actually seen a frozen small Zander on the inlet to Purton treatment works!

    Although mainly into fly fishing for trout on the Bristol Water lakes, I do like to try other methods for other fish. Hence Slapton!

    Any thoughts or advice on books I could buy on catching Zander?

    Thanks again


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    Fish the quays in Teignmouth for Mullet ,Makeral strips work wonders just off the bottom close in.Good diving around the Slapton area.

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    Kevin Henderson Guest


    Thanks Bruce,

    Many years ago I used to catch Mullet at a place called Howth in Ireland. If I visit Teignmouth I'll give it a try.

    Slapton looks fantastic, but as far as I can tell there are not many fish there!

    A friend at work has dived at Slapton and did not see any fish!!

    Think I may need to rethink the location of holiday and try to persuade the Family!!



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