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    O DAVID Guest


    Can anyone give me some advice as to the best way to present live sand eels while fishing for bass.Some say shallow under a float,others say a weight to the bottom with a great long trace.Who knows best?

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    james marshall Guest


    right ther is only one way to do it take it from me proven by the bass fishermen. off rex hunt fishing adventures when we took them fishing last year on the benjamin guy . all u need to do is to use a running ledger rig main line 15 dacron to a small bercley swivel with a 1 to 1.5 0z bomb weight depending on flow off tide tie a 1 meter trace to a 2 0 aberdeen blue add sand ell through botom lip and through pectral fins do not put hook to deep just nic it add to water and hy presto fish hope it helps you sorry about the spelling captin jim

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