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    alan outen Guest


    having started fishing about 4 weeks ago i brought a rod and reel all set up to go. it had a 15lb line on it and it snapped and i lost all the tackle.i have changed the line to a 40lb main line with a 15lb hook length, and to me this seems to be working fine. but i have been told by my father-in-law that i should put the 15lb line back on and use about 20 foot of the 40lb as a shock cord and then use the 15lb again as a hook length. i cant see the sense in this as if the hook length and main line are the same surely either one could break and if it is the main line i lose everything again. can some one tell me the best way to set it up and why its the better way if possable. thanks very much

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    keith hatton Guest


    your main line depends on the ground you are fishing over eg sand or rockes.
    as for your leader it workes out at every ounce of weight you use it is ten lb of shock leeder (4oz lead = 40 lb shock leeder). the leeder should pass throught the rings of your rod and 5 turns on your reel.

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    alan outen Guest


    but do you have to use a leader and if so what should the main line be.

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    alan outen Guest


    i normally fish around portsmouth and the ground is a mixture of stones and sand

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Use a leader for safety - both your own and those of anglers, passing members of the public etc.

    There's a simple knot that's fairly reliable you can use to join it to your main line.

    In snaggy area's there's a special rig called a rotten bottom, where the lead ends up being attached via a length of weaker nylon so you just lose the lead if it snags, but the force of the cast is supported via a special release clip, so it doesn't break when you cast.

    Both these are in the book you can get from Sea Angler for 7.99.

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    Dave O'L Guest


    Alan just to 2nd what Chris says & get that book.
    I did a couple of years ago & it really helped.

    Chris has given the reason you use a leader as the lead becomes a lethal weapon when casting.

    The reasons we don't fish heavy all the way through unless special occasions call for it are;
    1) line resistance cutting down casting distance
    2) line resistance in the water therefore keeping weight to the minimum
    3) Have you ever tried to pull for a break on 40/50lb + line? (On a boat I don't go above 30lb for general sport).
    4) If you do have to pull for a break the leader means that you loose minimum line, (not ideal) but far more environmentally sound & cheaper. (you may have to use hook lengths such as 80lb if fishing for ray/huss etc)

    Just on a different point Alan don't go below 20lb hook length unless mullet in certain situations. Sea fish don't usually require the sensitivity that freesh do.
    Something like 20/25lb Amnesia is quite stiff, stands out from the main line more & is therefore less prone to tangling.
    Going below this diameter is I feel just asking for problems, as I have found out from personal experience.

    Best of luck & you won't regret that book especially at the price.

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    alan outen Guest


    cheers guys i will try and find the book and i suppose i had better listen to my father in law (well sometimes at least)

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