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    Hi, sea-fisher people, I've got an ABU GARCIA Ambassador 10000 multiplier that is supplus to requirements, I coarse fish, so I'm looking to swap it for something carp/coarse orientated.

    What Have You?


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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Out of interest (I'm not familiar with the model number...) what size is it - the 6500 size or bigger..? Does it have a level-wind and what sort of drag system..?

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    I'm not sure, but I think it's bigger, there's no level-wind and there' a star shaped handle for the drag.

    Sorry if that's not a lot of help, I hope that someone will chip in to correct me where applicable.

    Are ya interested Chris?

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    Steve Parsons Guest


    The 10000 is indeed bigger. It is infact the largest of the casting reel series, so large infact I would say it would be very difficult to cast. It would have a capacity of approx 300 yds of 30 lb line and as such would be suitable for really heavy rock fishing with lines that heavy. It is probably best used for medium boat fishing.
    It has a conventional star drag and has an automatic 2 speed gear system that automatically changes to a lower gear when under load.

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    Cheers for the info, not having used the thing, I wouldn't know about the two-stage gearing, but want to take it apart to have a look now! Probably don't oughta though!

    Is it a good reel in its application range then? I know Abu's are generally fairly with-it when it comes to reels,

    Do you have a need for such an item? got any swapsies?

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