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Thread: Spinning Rod

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    Eddie Caldwell Guest


    I have been given an ABU 9ft 2 oz spinning rod (about 20 years old but hardly used). I fancy some estuary/harbour spinning on holiday in Ireland and Scotland later this year.

    Do I need a shock leader in this set-up?

    Any good spinner designs for bass, mullet, mackerell, even salmon and sea trout?

    Many thanks in anticipation.

    Eddie Caldwell

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    Dave Godwin Guest


    you do not need a leader for this type of tackle
    Bass Bullets are very good for bass and cast very well


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    Eddie Caldwell Guest


    Thanks for the reply Dave; and the info about Bass Bullets. I'll let you know if I catch anything.



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    Check local by-laws regarding estuary fishing for salmon and sea trout.

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    Kieran Hanrahan Guest


    Small german sprats work really well when fished very fast in shallow running water on river mouths on the west coast of Ireland for sea trout, usually at dusk, and anything that mimics a sand eel will also work well so look at some of the new Eddystone weighted plugs and lures. FWIW...

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    There's a lure called a Bridun Lance that goes out like a bullet - slim spoon that looks a bit like a sandeel.

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