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Thread: North Wales

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    Eddie Caldwell Guest


    I've not fished a beach in North Wales for 20-odd years. I used to go to the beaches down from Conway to Bangor and to Llandwyn Island and Cable Bay on Anglesey.

    Used both beachcaster and spinning rod with moderate success. Usually fished a tide up especially when it corresponded with evening.

    How's it fishing now? Best spots? methods? baits?

    I would be pleased to receive any information.

    Eddie Caldwell

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    keith hatton Guest


    just been to web site (north wales sea angling)that tells you where, when, and reports on venues
    good look mate

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    Eddie Caldwell Guest


    Thanks Keith. There is a lot of very useful information on the site you recommended. I'll be down there next month!

    Best wishes

    Eddie Caldwell

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    keith hatton Guest


    hi eddie its keith.
    you might whant to try type (sea angling). this will give you loads of infomation

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