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Thread: Rod/Reel Advice

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    I have just moved to Falmouth, Cornwall and have decided to have a go at fishing again as it has been years since I have done so!
    Now, equipment is another story................I have seen a second hand Shakespeare XK4000 for 30, but I can get a brand new Penn Power Surf (I think) for 40. Basically can anybody give me advice on reel/rod choices for someone on a real budget?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Kieran Hanrahan Guest


    Talk to several tackle shops Neil and ask them for their advice. Ideally join a sea angling club in the area and get some advice from locals who know the marks and what it takes to fish them. It depends on the kind of fishing you want to do, for example you will need to take account of the currents, weed and rock or snags, target species (big or small), and other variables. A basic description of rods and tackle is available on but local knowledge is key.

    If you want to buy second hand, try buying from your local club members as they are less likely to sell a fellow member a dodgy bit of kit and you could trial the rod and reel etc. in advance fishing with them...

    Hope this helps...

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    Chris Bishop Guest


    Have a few wanders along the beach and chat to the locals, coming from pike and zander fishing, I was amazed how friendly and helpful the anglers on my local beach were.

    One or two guys saw me struggling and freely offered advice.

    Don't get hoodwinked into thinking you need the latest 300 rods, you can learn to cast with a cheapy beachcaster and fixed spool reel.

    The south-west has some of the best sea fishing in the country and a lot of marks offer fish right under your feet.

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    alan outen Guest


    only paid 30 for my first rod and reel and ive had no problem with it so far

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