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Thread: plymouth

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    andy connor Guest


    hi every one tight lines and all that just wondering if any one could tell me about the shore fishing in plymouth i'm moving there in a month and only have coarse tackle at the mo ( carp pike) wouldn't mind having a go and wondering whats on offer wrass mullet? that sort of thing is the tackle any good at all cheers andy

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    Lo Andy,apropo Plymouth area shore bashing,
    it would take a month of sundays to put everything down here,and ive fished these parts on and off since the THIRTIES,
    wuld suggest you visit the local tackle shops when you get here,in particular,Clives Tackle Shop in Exeter Street in town, Clive knows me well,theres another just down the road,near the bus station,they will give you plenty of gen,as i!m sure will most of the regular customers,
    Like a little Mulleting myself,(on freshwater gear of course)
    Tight lines then.J.E.M.

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    andy connor Guest


    cheers mate ill give it a go all the best andy

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