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Thread: Flattie Spoons

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    Hi Folks,
    I'm thinking of trying a bit of sea fishing over the winter and have been reading up a bit about rigs, tactics, etc. Will be trying from Piers initially. My question is about flounder/flattie spoons. I've read that they are usually used by small-boat anglers. Are they any use from the shore/pier? How exactly do you fish them? Slow retrieve or are they supposed to flutter in the tide? Any advice much appreciated.

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    alan outen Guest


    the way i was told to use them was to bait up as usual cast out and reel in a couple of feet wait 5/10 mins and reel in some more and wait again and so on, and you can use them from the shore as well(according to my local tackle shop)

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    Thanks Alan, that makes sense. Looking forward to giving it a try. Tight lines.

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    Kieran Hanrahan Guest


    If you wait 5 to 10 minutes between partial retrieves, the crabs will have cleaned you out long before you get to the shore!

    A few turns fo the reel, wait 30 seconds, a few turns of the reel, another 30 seconds... you can vary the time between the partial retrieves as I am sure it will depend on the location, tide etc. but the idea is that the fluttering spoon stirs up the sand. Coloured beads are a good addition if you are targeting flatties.

    A watch lead (like a polo mint, round with studs) is another option for stirring up interest on clean bottomed marks (sand and mud).

    If the mark is unknown, it is best to use a rotten bottom link onto the lead in case it gets snagged, and to use a plain lead, at least initially until you assess the lie of the land. Some people flatten a round lead to ease its passage, especially in mud. Your call.

    Hope this helps...

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    alan outen Guest


    thats probaly why i have not caught on them then. i try again without waiting so long.
    cheers Keiran.

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    Kieran Hanrahan Guest


    No problem alan

    I cringe when I think of the some of the gaffs I have made (no pun intended)... like the time I put engine oil in my first batch of rub-a-dub! :-)

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    Any sign of captain Birdseye when you were out there Senan?

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