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Thread: Mullet Fishing

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    Ron Troversial Clay Guest


    I spent a day recently fishing for the mullet of Christchurch Harbour. My friend Peter Jacobs managed to catch one and I hooked one that went like stink on breakflake, size 10 hook and 6 lb line.

    Although I didn't land this fish, it gave me a healthy respect for the species and next year when I'm near the coast, I intend to try for some more.

    So what about a few tips from you mullet experts, where, when and how?

    I last caught mullet from Durban Harbour in 1968 - that's a long time ago.

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    mark norris Guest


    I don`t know if you are one of us sad old hoarders, but back in the 70`s Angling magazine ran several articles about mullet fishing mostly written (I think) by Brian Harris and John Darling. One article was entirely about Christchurch harbour.

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    Ron Troversial Clay Guest


    It is a pity there has been no decent article written about this species for many years.

    When I get the chance, it looks as I'll have to start at square one.

    Thanks anyway Mark.

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