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Thread: rotten bottom

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    michael rouse Guest


    i fish a very rocky ,weedy area in Wales and end up losing alot of tackle during a session.where can i buy a rotten bottom and how does it work.

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    keith hatton Guest


    on the end of your line attatch your swivel then tie (let say) 3 inch of 10lb line. to that attatch your lead. get a pin thread some fome onto the pin and place your pin through the loop on your lead and your swivel. when it hits the water the pin floats releasing your lead and you have a weak link between your lead and line

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    alan outen Guest


    why risk losing lead when a stone with hole works just as good

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    Mar 2003


    Perhaps an old cleaned up spark plug, I've heard of these being used before. Not sure about the environmental issues that might be involved with this idea though.

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    Simple rotten bottom---Make a loop at the end of your trace where the weight goes pass some electricians tape through it pick up a pebble of approximatley the weight of your lead, wrap the tape around the pebble then tape at right angles to the first. SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE and if it is lost youve only lost a piece of tape not an expensive lead also it could be considered under the pretext of being environmentally friendly. Casting is no problem Ive put one out 150yds no problem.

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    michael rouse Guest


    im not bothered about weights .its the ready made boom rigs which i keep losing.hooks keep getting stuck on rocks.

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    Stu Black Guest


    Yeah, but if your lead snaps off, ie a rotten bottom, you've got a much better chance of getting your hook rig back....

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    alan outen Guest


    make you own rigs
    its cheaper

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    Kieran Hanrahan Guest


    If you experience the problems on the retrieve, consider adding a lead lift (small plastic vane) just above the lead - it makes the lead lift off the bottom faster and reduces the impact of weed etc.

    Hope this helps...

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    Kieran Hanrahan Guest


    another option would be to reduce the length of the snoods holding the hooks - I use simple blood loops on the main trace line no more than two or three inches long onto which the hook is passed and find that this reduces the number of snag hook-ups.

    You can also reduce the number of hooks too if this is where the snagging is worst.

    And if all of these and the above do not work, either accept that losses are the price you pay for fishing a good mark, as is often the case, or find another mark


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