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    michael rouse Guest


    for small coalfish and pollack should i retreive quick or slow?How do i get them out at range?iv heard bass rigs work but bass dont patrol a lure following a lead weight.

    please send info on productive shads for small pollack and bass.

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    David Will Guest

    Default,look at this site,all the lures you will need and things like jig heads etc that you will require.They are very good at answering questions and mail order service is spot on.

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    Kieran Hanrahan Guest


    Fish often follow a lure whithout taking, especially if it is brought at at a consistent speed - you even find this plugging for pike! Vary the speed dramatically from shore and boat and you will find a quick spurt will often produce a bite. I have had pollack follow lures from 70 metres down and finally take in the last 20 metres or less, even a ling did it!

    pollack and coalfish will take most lures, but eddystones still work well - black is the best colour even on hazy or low light days as it gives the strongest outline against the lighter water / sunshine above
    as this is how coalfish and pollack typically hunt - they ambush from below...


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