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    Ron Clay Guest


    I have just had a phone call from a friend in SA.
    During the last 3 months there have been 3 outbreaks of FMD. 1 in Kwazulu Natal and two in Mpumalanga. All farms were isolated and the animals vaccinated. Apart from about 50 animals in Natal, non have been slaughtered. Farms were quaranteened for 3 weeks.
    Outbreak now controlled with no effect on tourist industry or angling.

    That's what happens when you have a battle plan in readiness.

    MAFF? they couldn't organise an orgy in a brothel!!

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    Rob Brownfield Guest


    Are the farms as close together in SA as they are in the UK? I always got the impression that the farms there were miles apart?

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    Ron Clay Guest


    In cattle farming areas they are more like ranches than farms, but they are next to each other and in most cases are fenced, the fences often running for scores of kilometres. I Kwazulu Natal the cattle are mainly for dairy purposes. FMD is treated more seriously there as a FMD infected cow stops giving milk, but a FMD infected cow can still be eaten with no ill effects. I have probably eaten lots of beef from vaccinated cattle in my life.
    The other thing is that SA does not export beef as it needs all its production for home consumption.
    The main thing is that FMD is endemic in SA and is one of the most common of diseases amongst wild game such as buffalo and wildebeest. The main thing is that SA has a FMD strategy in place ready to move into action when an outbreak occurs.
    Strangley enough the recent outbreaks consitist of 3 strains from pig swill brought in form the far east

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