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    As we all know , commerically available moulds are avaialable for manufacturing your own weights from 3 oz up to however big you want.
    However , does anyone know of manufacturers who make moulds in the 1/2 up to 3 oz range.
    I fish the estuaries in the North East of Scotland and these sizes are ideal for the tidal conditions in some of the smaller locations

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    Rob Thompson Guest


    Give 'Old Mouldy' (John Knox) a ring on 01924 450035, he'll supply just about any lead mould you can think of. He does pirk moulds, weights jig heads etc.

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    More and more moulds are now available for carp weights, in just the sizes you are after. Probably no stockists near you, but a quick scan through one of the carp specialist magazines should find you a mail order source.

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    Dan Sales Guest


    I actually attempted at making a mould of my own out of a hard wood ...... BAD IDEA ! when the molten lead hit the mould it actually started to fizz and vibrate then eventually explode due to the moisture in the wood. So the moral of this story is "stick to commercial moulds as D.I.Y ones are bloody lethal"

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