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    Paul Williams Guest


    The cut's of the blackcountry....why thats where i learnt the art of the angle!!! but you are right there are now undisirables frequenting the banks of the cut ).....where can i get sanctuary!!

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    Paul Williams Guest


    That will confuse the cod bashers...or is this a sign!!!
    Sorry Sedge!!

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    Dave Johnson Guest


    Brummie, I thought you were talking about Sedge when you said "cuts of the black country", then I re-read it......LOL

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    Paul Williams Guest


    you wicked person you!!! i know i'm bad at spelling but not that bad. LOL

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    Ron Clay Guest


    I love canals. I learned much of my fishing on the Chesterfield Canal near Worksop and Retford in the 50s.

    Here near Rotherham we have The South Yorkshire Navigation Canal which has just opened again. The roach in this water are awesome!! Not as big as Linch Hill of course but there are plenty of 1.5 pounders to be caught; and they are pristine fish too.

    To catch them you need a pole, some casters or bread. The best seem to sit uder far back bushes or trees. You can get the odd one with a waggler or link leger, but the pole as a method is king.

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