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    Michael Hall Guest


    Hi, have you ever wanted to know to best baits and so on. And how come the baits you use never catch? Does this sound familiar to you over this last year (2000) well send in some of your baits and recipies and chear it with everyone also if you have any tips and so on then send them in!
    Michael Hall

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    Dan Sales Guest


    I saw your column on match fishing tips and now your on about baits and flavourings ? are you talking about coarse or sea fishing here matey ? please enlighten me on this as then i will be able to try to help you =)
    Dan.Sales of

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    david meleady Guest


    I need info on Roundhay park lake Leeds:depths,fish,what to use.

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    Very interesting reading this and your other bait columns. I am interested in making bread paste and cheese paste. Can you please help?


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