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    Re: Bargains. Let us know.

    Not strictly fishing related but good for those of us with OCD who like to label everything. This DYMO Letratag thingy is around £29 retail everywhere and Aldi have them for £14.99 at the moment
  2. Thread: Loop knot

    by John Keane

    Re: Loop knot

    Figure of Eight Knot, or Perfection Loop is all I use for fly fishing applications. When coarse fishing I use the Seymo Loop Tyer for uniformity of loop sizes with the Double Overhand Knot. Don’t...
  3. Thread: Elastics

    by John Keane

    Re: Elastics

    I’ve got Daiwa Purple Hydro in one top kit of my Shimano Beastmaster Margin 8.5m. In another top kit I’ve got Preston Hollo Green and I use this fishing out in the water on the deck, with the...
  4. Re: if you could fish ANYWHERE in the world for 2 weeks???

    Stuff the sun, it’d be somewhere like the Kola Peninsula, Iceland or Alaska fishing the fly for salmon.
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    Re: Angling, The never ending Journey

    From a pond in the middle of a field catching sticklebacks on bits of worm to the River Spey catching salmon. Along the way, coarse fishing in ponds, canals, rivers. Diverted to fly fishing for trout...
  6. Re: cormorants destroying fish stocks natural waters

    Flocks of hundreds of lapwings on Martin Mere this week. They know where the easy pickings are.
  7. Re: cormorants destroying fish stocks natural waters

    A lake of a club I was a member of had fish refuges introduced. Cylindrical wire mesh enclosures around 5ft in diameter with a black lid made of pond liner to provide shade. Cormorants couldn’t get...
  8. Re: cormorants destroying fish stocks natural waters

    Gulls are the ultimate adaptable omnivore and have always frequented seaside resorts. They are birds of the coastal environment and not birds of the open sea as they can’t dive for food. For decades...
  9. Re: cormorants destroying fish stocks natural waters

    “Terrorist creatures” :omg: they’re only doing what nature designed them to do, the fact that we don’t like it and it’s getting out of hand doesn’t make them card-carrying members of Al Quaeda!
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    Re: Ribble rising fast

    Brockholes Nature Reserve will be shut then. Not that anyone in their right mind is going twitching or walking in this!
  11. Re: Nightmare scenarios when out fishing.....

    Last year, salmon fishing on the Spey, the river was running about 1’6” and my mate and I were fishing one of my favourite pools on Tulchan D Beat. Because of the higher water I couldn’t get out to...
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    Re: Old tip for retrieving hook from trees.

    Is Ann Summers still selling that old thing? Won’t the batteries fall out and pollute the river?
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    Sick and tired of...

    ...posting things on the wrong board when they should be in Bait Box!:omg:
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    Re: River feeder rod

    Bite detection “on commies” consists of a forward lunge as your rod flies out of the rest! Baitrunners are a bit of a must.
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    Re: The greatest worry for mankind

    One of the first things he did in his presidency was to declare he was going to tamper with the clean water regulations. His measures can be reversed by whoever takes over from the fat, orange...
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    Re: Line for trotting

    I use Drennan Floatfish for trotting and Daiwa Sensor for everything else. If floating for trotting is your highest priority, get a packet of those car dashboard wipe things and run your line through...
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    Re: Fish finder RC boats

    Do you get to wear a Cary Grant style skipper’s cap while piloting them around the ponds?
  18. Re: If you target a certain species of fish.....

    Quite a lot of what I do is for specific species anyway. Salmon on the double handed rod and fly, brown trout & grayling on the Czech Nymph, deadbaiting for pike, winter grayling trotting with a...
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    Re: Advice please.

    Used to make my own - Fullers Earth, Fairy Liquid and Glycerine. The Glycerine stopped the mixture from drying out and hardening. Absolutely essential when wet fly or nymph fishing and even dry fly...
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    Re: Seat box legs help!

    Here is just one of a load of items on eBay that come up if you search for “30mm seat box legs” better to shell out on new legs than end up in the drink!

    MAP Seat Box QRS 30mm Legs / Short,...
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    Re: Placing stotz on line.

    Buy a pair of the cheap Styl shot pliers, best thing for the job, been using them for decades.
  22. Thread: Carp Show

    by John Keane

    Re: Carp Show

    Sounds about as interesting to me as a WWE Smackdown or a Monster Truck Fest. :omg:
  23. Replies

    Re: Self hooking rigs ?

    In practice any 4” hooklength anchored to a heavy Method feeder is a self-hooking rig. Nothing controversial about them despite some more traditional anglers pouring scorn on them.
  24. Re: Length of line between end of pole and float

    This is it Mark, around £20 but now discontinued. Nice and light and does the job a treat!
  25. Re: Length of line between end of pole and float

    Dunno Mark, I’ll have to go rummage in the garage later for a look and get back to you.
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