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    Re: Flies for coarse fish?

    I found the book fly fishing for course fish in my local library and took a load of pictures of the flys mentioned for roach and rudd but there should be no reason you won't catch other species on...
  2. Simple fishing with little lad

    Had a great couple hours this morning with my little lad and my brother.
  3. Re: Pike anticoagulant - fact or fiction?

    I think it's something to do with how sharp the teeth actually are. Such a clean wound like a shaving cut doesn't stop bleeding for ages but cut yourself on something abit jagged etc and it is easier...
  4. Re: How and What do you record about your catches?

    I just take a few pics and commit to memory I have stated writing a blog but that is only when I have a good trip etc will Deffiantly write it more next year when I start my fly fishing campaign on...
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    Re: Just for fun

    Not actually fished the Douglas yet but never seen one in the yarrow I've only had perch trout dace chub and peanut has has roach and I've seen bullheads in the rocks but would love a minnow and...
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    Re: Aldi fishing clothing

    They seemed to do a big sports range this year with several sports covered as well as the cycling and motorbike stuff which ain't half bad had some of that in the past. I'm sure some of the fishing...
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    Just for fun

    Just for fun
    What species have you never caught and would like to catch or have not caught for a long time and would like to again?
    Mine would be a minnow sounds stupid really but out of all the...
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    Re: Aldi fishing clothing

    I bought the neoprene wellies and I cannot fault them very comfy warm and waterproof used every week since I got them and never let me down. I also have the pack away fishing jacket that's done me...
  9. Re: The things that stop you (me!) fishing

    I tend to get a couple hours every Sunday morning with my little lad and my brother most weeks and sometimes get a full day out but work/family usually why I can't go at other times. I really look...
  10. Re: Wildlife and nature you've seen on the bank

    Seen so much beautiful wildlife over the years and still feel lucky now the ones that stick in my mind are seeing a stag silhouetted against the sunrise close up when I was about 10 years old and...
  11. Re: Hi from not so sunny Lancashire

    Hopefully it's sorted soon then I can sort work ok and go I get my shifts monthly so need plenty of notice to book stuff off. Need to try quays soon tho looks like cracking perch fishing.
  12. Re: Hi from not so sunny Lancashire

    Hi Greenie how's it going? Hopefully see you at a SFA or BS event sometime soon.
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    Re: New boots

    I use diems from sports direct comfortable and waterproof so far and won't break the bank if I don't wear them then it's the aldi neoprene wellys I bought last year nice snug fit and very warm and...
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    Re: Thinking about rivers again

    Best advice is practice practice practice I have only been trotting for 1 season and I am still learning loads I originally started using small traditional stick floats and found it very difficult....
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    Re: fishing club near adlington

    Pop into adlington angling centre and ask Andy he should. Be able to point you in tight direction harrys fishery in adlington runs lots of open matches on weekends decent place to fish as well.
  16. Re: Hi from not so sunny Lancashire

    Thanks for the welcome I've had a browse and recognise some names from other forums / Facebook groups so looking forward to seeing some posts already
  17. Hi from not so sunny Lancashire

    Hi my name is Christian
    I am into all sorts of fishing and will try my hand at all types but I am really enjoying fishing small rivers atm.
    Been fishing since I was about 6 years old had abit of a...
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