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  1. Great Carrying System For Your Fishing Rigs!

    Great For Shorelines or to The Boat!

    This is 1 of 2 carrying systems i currently use for transporting my rods & reels to my fishing locations. Also is handy to transport your rigs to your boat as...
  2. Where The River Meets The Sea-by SPYDRO!

    SPYDRO Invades The Brackish Zone Between Fresh & Salt Water!

    Recently i found a fresh water stream that forms a pond before entering the ocean. Estuary areas like this have low visibility but are...
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    SPYDRO Underwater at Pearl Harbor!

    Jacks & Bonefish Ripping My Baits Apart All Day Long!

    I used 3/0 hooks so i'd limit my catches to "hopefully" legal sized fishes. But i hooked & released multiple catches from papio "jacks" to...
  4. Lazy Day Surf Casting Hawaii-jus chillin:)

    "Just a relaxing day soaking in the Hawaiian sun testing new Prototype Okuma gear for next week's Dealers Show. Only fed small reef fish ika all day. Was just happy getting out".

  5. Another Murky Day In The Bay w/SPYDRO!

    The Storm Hit Hard But Didn't Last Long- Still Stirred-Up The Bottom!

    Spydro is an underwater camera that can be attached to your baited leader. Be sure to frequent known areas that the bottom...
  6. Catch & Release on Throwback Thursdays!

    Always Good To Release Undersized Species Using My Okuma HCS Rods w/a Blue Azores & Cedros Spinning Reel!

    Today i was shore casting my Okuma Hawaiian Custom Series Rods with a Blue Azores & a...
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    Spydro UW Camera During a Storm!

    Bad Water Conditions Forced Me To Depart!

    Water visibility was poor. And the skies dark. Sorry for the lack of decent quality. I had only 2 rigs out, figures the freight train hit the other rig...
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    Nesika Hit & Miss Strike! Next Time!

    Nice Strike In Stormy Conditions! Even A Lightning Strike!

    It was actually storming for awhile. Winds & the rain actually was moving horizontal at times. I had to put my back-up action camera in a...
  9. Re: What Makes For A Good Sand Spike Rod Holder?

    No sir, i haven't.
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    My Favorite Popping Jig Rig!

    Okuma's All Purpose Shoreline Rig!

    Okuma's HCS 9'6" Shoreline Plugger & Rockaway 6K Long Distance Spinner has been released for 2020. I've been using this combo since January & i call it my all...
  11. Spooling My Okuma Blue Azores w/Soft Steel Braid!

    Using My Fishon Big Water Spooler To Spool My Okuma Reel! How To Do It Yourself!

    Ok, i can say this fishing line spooler is probably one of my most important pieces of fishing gear that i own....
  12. Big Water Fishon Spooler Also Strips Fishing Line!

    This Spooler Can Handle Micro-XL Surf Casting Reels!

    For any serious angler, having a fishing line spooler isn't a big ticket item that you think it is. If you can afford buying a decent action...
  13. Fishing At Night? How I Repel Darn Mosquitos!

    The Best Mosquito Defense I've Found:)

    Tropical climates are the worst for mosquitos. Especially at night & when the wind drops. During the day they're resting in trees to shrubs. At night they...
  14. What Makes For A Good Sand Spike Rod Holder?

    Understanding The Positives & Negatives Of Sand Spikes!

    I've been asked by many surf casters abroad what i look for in a sand spike & where to locate a decent sand spike. Most countries rely on...
  15. How I Modify My Palomar & Uni Knot For Braid & Mono!

    The Secret To A Good Modified Knot Is To Create FRICTION!

    Over the years i found ways to slightly alter my most heavily used knots to make it stronger & more reliable. I've always alternated 2...
  16. I Saved My Original Contour Roam 2 Action Cam!

    Switch Was Frozen But I Breathed Life Back Into It After +5yrs!

    I found a bag of Roam 2's & 3's in the garage. Everyone was in working condition except my Blue Roam#2. The screw heads were...
  17. How I Prepare My Rig Before Popping Lures!

    Using Okuma's HC Popping Rod w/a Cedros 14K Spinner Spooled By Big Water Line Spooler!

    Why would you spend hundreds of dollars, or even thousands buying fishing tackle just to go out & fish, but...
  18. Putting Together My NEW Plugging/Popping Rig! I'm Even Spooling The Line!

    Using Okuma's HCS Plugging/Popping Rod w/a 14K Cedros Spinner & Spooled By Big Water Line Spooler by Sportsman Innovations!

    I got Okuma's NEW Hawaiian Custom Plugging/Popping rod. At 8'3" these...
  19. Maintenance & User Tips For Spinning Reels!

    Lubricating My Okuma Surf 8K & Tips For All Spinning Reels!

    How does one take proper care of their spinning reel? Most spinners does include some form of warranty. the trick is to limit down time...
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    All Purpose Surf Casting Leader!

    I Use This Successfully In Hawaii For Bonefish & Jacks! This leader system has proven useful from Maine to Florida, Isla de Pascua to The Rachas back to Puerto Rica. I'm sure most rigs will work to...
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    My Favorite Surf Fishing Rig!

    Casting Both Okuma Rigs While Trying To Stay Away From Baby Jack "Rats"!

    My intent today was to put the new Blue Azores 8K & the new Cedros 12' Surf Rod through the paces. The rods are rated for...
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    Collecting Sand Fleas For Bait!

    Trying Out My NEW Aluminum Sand Flea Rake - Also Known As Sand Turtles!

    Every sand flea that i caught was devoured within minutes! Too many small bait grabbers around today. This area wasn't a...
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    SPYDRO Underwater!

    More Underwater Footage By Spydro The Underwater Camera!

    Another day filming underwater in a protected lagoon. I was getting stormed on from high winds from pouring rain that was very sporadic....
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    Got Crab? How To Catch Bait!

    The Secret To Catching Crabs? Keep Your Eyes On The Prize!

    One of my not so best kept secrets about baiting is using live crab! It's an easy bait to catch if you know how. I call these type of...
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    Lagoon Life Caught by SPYDRO UW Cam!

    Spydro Pierces Through The Murk Of A Lagoon!

    This day i spent most of the day under an umbrella as a rain squall kept me under the umbrella most of that cold day. It was wet & cold. The lagoon was...
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