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    Canal Jigging Setup help

    I've bought myself an HTO Rockfish revolution Ultralight, a cheap Shimano 1000 Sienna reel, some Gunki 5CM lures, Fox Rage Micro Fry, Mepps spinners, & some 1, 1.5, & 2G jigheads #8 hook.

  2. Help with flaking lacquer varnish on rod guides

    I've got a couple of rods here now that are getting on and showing signs of their age.

    Here I've got one in which there's loose varnish or lacquer (not sure which) that's showing on a few of the...
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    Perch & Jack Spinner suggestions, please

    I've just bought a couple of Mepps Aglia long size #0, and also a Mepps Winner size #00 as I'm wanting to try for Perch & small Pike on my local canal.

    Can anyone please recommend some other...
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    Wychwood Agitator opinions?

    I've been looking for a dropshotting rod for my local canal & I've found the Wychwood Agitator 6ft 3in, 2 > 14g.

    Are these any good, & would it be ok to pair it with my Daiwa TDM2508 reel?

  5. Re: Dropshotting rod recommendations for canal needed

    Thank you for the replies.

    The only light action rod I have is a Drennan Matchpro Ultralight at 12ft, but I wouldn't want to risk catching a Pike or large perch to often on that. It's also a...
  6. Re: I'm so impressed with drennan I feel they deserve some praise.....

    I too have received top notch customer service & after sales service from Drennan, Tri Cast, too.

    By far the worst I've received is from Maver..
  7. Dropshotting rod recommendations for canal needed

    I'm looking at trying dropshotting on my local canal that holds a lot of Perch, but I'm struggling on which dropshotting rod to buy as they come in a large variety of lengths & weight (g) categories....
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