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    Re: Fishing the Thames near Maidenhead

    Great advice everybody - thanks. We will definitely be making sure the kids wear life jackets at all times, and I doubt the fishing with them will last very long.

    I'd like to get out fishing with...
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    Fishing the Thames near Maidenhead

    Hi all,

    I'm after some advice on fishing on the Thames - three generations of Hewitts are going on holiday to a house near the railway bridge in Maidenhead.

    Can anyone advise on how best to...
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    Re: Are you all using phone or PC..

    Yes, the mobile version of the software we currently have isn't great, but we'll be upgrading soon to something better and much more mobile-friendly. We're just trying to work out which software will...
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    Re: Newbie ... or not

    Matt I can reactivate the old account for you so you don't lose old posts - it's easy for me to change the email address on the account. Just PM me the details and I can do it.
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    Re: Is this forum in danger

    Boatfisher, I'm not sure what happened with this post as I can't see a post having been deleted, and I certainly didn't delete it. I've messaged you asking for more information but you haven't...
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    Re: Women in Angling

    Try not to insult people please.
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    Re: Women in Angling

    I agree! My 4 year old daughter is keen to try fishing, I'll be taking her to a trout lake with my dad Richard in a couple of weeks. I don't know who is more excited!
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    Jeremy Wade interview

    Hi all,

    Thanks for all of your question ideas, they were very helpful! We didn't have time for all of them but we asked as many as we could. The interview is up now on Fish and Fly. Hope you enjoy...
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    Jeremy Wade interview

    Hello everyone,

    I have some exciting news! Next week we will be interviewing presenter and biologist Jeremy Wade, star of River Monsters, for an article on This is your chance...
  10. JD Sports subsidiary completes acquisition of Fishing Republic

    via Press release

    GO Outdoors, the outdoor retailer that was purchased by JD Sports for over £100M in 2016 has acquired retailer Fishing Republic the same day it fell into administration,...
  11. Angling Trust South East Fisheries Forum (Southampton)

    Tuesday 29th January 2019

    Roddington Forge Music Club, Allington Ln, West End, Southampton SO30 3HZ

    Tea and Coffee from 6:40pm - meeting starts 7:00pm and finishes 9:15pm

    In association with...
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    Re: * Never Forget…

    Famous footballer back in the day - Southampton I think???
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    Some classic Jack Hargreaves anyone?
  14. Thread: Sad news

    by Editor

    Re: Sad news

    Very sorry to hear that - our condolences to his family. I didn't know him well like many of you, but do know he was a long time supporter of and contributor to the forums and certainly a character.
  15. UPDATED - Environment Agency rod fishing byelaws: north west region

    Environment Agency rod fishing byelaws: north west region

    Rod fishing byelaws are statutory rules and regulations explaining who can fish, where, when and what fish you can take.

    9:48am, 10...
  16. Re: Open question to our forum members who enjoy 'classic' coarse angling.

    Hi Steve2,

    As you know antique usually means 100 years and older, vintage though is less defined. To us at Thomas Turner I guess it means anything more than around 20-30 years old that you...
  17. NEW - vintage tackle discussion forum under Tackle Talk

    I have just added a new sub-forum for discussing and sharing information on all aspects of antique and vintage fishing tackle under the Tackle Talk section.

    We have a regular blog now running from...
  18. Collecting fixed spool reels - video from Thomas Turner Fishing Antiques

    Here's another one of our video series with John Stephenson - all of which you can find in our video library on the website.

    This time he is discussing fixed spool spinning reels.

  19. Re: Collecting centre pin reels - a short video from Thomas Turner Fishing Antiques

    The word "jammy" springs to mind tigger! LOL
  20. Re: Collecting centre pin reels - a short video from Thomas Turner Fishing Antiques

    Don't forget John worked in the trade so would have been buying privately from estates and other individuals. He was not buying retail!
  21. Collecting centre pin reels - a short video from Thomas Turner Fishing Antiques
  22. Message from John Stephenson - The Venables connection!

    John Stephenson passed along this little anecdote which he thought you might all enjoy here on Fishing Magic.

    The Venables connection

    Hi! I was lucky enough to meet with Bernard Venables many...
  23. Re: Open question to our forum members who enjoy 'classic' coarse angling.

    Sorry to break the news Neil, but you're definitely a collector! :thumbs:

    Thanks for sharing the lovely photos. Those flies look really nice and what a fish that was!
  24. Re: Open question to our forum members who enjoy 'classic' coarse angling.

    Thanks so much for the comments so far - very useful and interesting too. Love the photos and especially that old wicker basket out on the bank - fantastic!

    Tigger - I will pass your want list...
  25. Open question to our forum members who enjoy 'classic' coarse angling.

    Hopefully you will have come across one of our adverts or newsletters for our Thomas Turner Fishing Antiques business by now, either here on the forums, or on the FM Facebook page perhaps and so know...
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