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    Re: Carp Fishing as Beginner

    Why not say what's on your list rather than add links? .png links aren't always safe to open
  2. Re: Canal lure fishing-Need some advice.

    I rig them up on a size 6 jig head, I'm using the AGM finesse jig heads.

    The weight is a balancing act as it all depends upon wind, water depth, retrieve speed etc. You NEED to maintain contact...
  3. Re: Ever fallen out with the hooks you use.

    I've been using kamasan or Drennan hooks for a long while, I sometimes wonder if I'm missing out on a better product as I'm unwilling to try something else but then I'm very happy with them. Thinking...
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    Re: Favourite bird?


    Seriously, I'm very fond of Pheasants. I hear them a lot when I'm fishing in the morning, they're very pretty and when they're kind enough to leave me a tail feather or two I can tie my...
  5. Thread: Ticks

    by stillwater blue

    Re: Ticks

    The quicker you get them out the less chance of infection. Burning them or suffocating them can cause them to vomit before they drop off increasing your chance of infection. The best and safest way...
  6. Re: Canal lure fishing-Need some advice.

    2-10g or a 1-7g will handle jacks, I might not choose those weights to target pike but I wouldn't be worried about the odd fish coming along. As an example of what these rods can cope with the below...
  7. Re: Canal lure fishing-Need some advice.

    I use fluoro, which isn't tooth proof, with single barbless hooks on lures of less than 2" presuming jacks aren't a problem. With trebles, bigger lures or waters with lots of Jacks then I use wire, I...
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    Re: Wigan Flashes

    Stay mobile and be prepared to move several times if necessary. Good luck!
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    Re: Wigan Flashes

    It's been 15 years since I've lived in Wigan but

    Horrock's flash used to have some huge rudd in and some half decent pike too. I never really fished it for anything but those species.

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    Re: How did you get on?

    Drove to the river this evening for a couple of hours fishing lures for zander. It felt very autumnal and I was cold for the first time since summer and rarely feel the cold, I must remember to wrap...
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    re: Do pike really bite through line?

    Nope, a pike's tooth is shaped like a knife blade, the sides are sharp as are the points. A zander's tooth is shaped like a pin, so round sides and a sharp pointy top.

    A pike can't purposely...
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    Re: Canal Jigging Setup help

    Personally I like Daiwa J-braid the 8 strand version, it behaves itself and for an 8-strand braid it's well priced. On my perch set-up I use the .06mm braid, which is sold as 9lb but in reality is...
  13. Re: Fishing method you are unlikely to pursue

    I've come to realise that I enjoy traveling light, being mobile, wild fish, short sessions and waters without many anglers and I'll fish for any species with almost any technique that meets those...
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    Re: How did you get on?

    I took the dog out for an early morning walk down by the river and to my surprise he managed to spook a group of carp out of an incredibly shallow section of river when he went for a drink. After...
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    Re: Coarse fishing in Brittany

    I've fished Cat 1 waters in Normandy where everything but fly fishing is banned, I've fished Cat 1 waters where anything goes but bait. TBH it's a bit of a minefield and worth checking the rules of...
  16. Re: Video pike taking topwater duo shinmushi lure

    I knot it but then I don't use anything heavier than 55lb, if I was I'd probably crimp it.

    Home Essential the same as K2K but cheaper.
  17. Re: Can you help me choose the right hook bait (feeder fishing)?

    Where are you fishing?

    I fish a couple of sections of river that see almost no angling pressure, pellets and boilies are massively outfished by more natural baits like maggots, hemp, corn, caster,...
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    Re: Over complicated BS

    Carp fishing has become a very innovative market, there are a lot of excellent product that are well designed and are genuinely useful, unfortunately there are also a lot of products designed for...
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    Re: How did you get on?

    Black bass are large mouth bass. Large mouth are divided into two sub-strains Northern and Florida strain, I think in Europe we have the Northern strain.
  20. Re: Small crimps & Tool for a fine wire trace

    I tend to knot Ti wire, I use a three turn half blood knot or a perfection loop with a bit of shrink tube over the top. It's a bit worrying at first as the knots don't close up as they do with mono...
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    Re: Fishing opposite someone

    A for sure, I don't like busy venues. TBH unless I was having a session of a lifetime I would most probably move myself if someone set up on the opposite bank.
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    Re: method feeders

    Try a drier groundbait mix before spending money on a new mould, groundbait that's too damp will stick like glue to anything.
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    Re: How did you get on?

    Damn, those are some pretty carp
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    Re: John Wilson Barbel Quiver Rod

    The reel will be fine.

    Use a lead that easily allows you to cast the distance you need/want to cast. As a rule of thumb for every LB of test curve you can cast an ounce of weight.
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    Re: Landing net head shapes

    I much prefer a spoon shape over triangular, the triangular nets taper it too steep so narrows too quickly. I use one net for 90% of my fishing and it's 24" latex net. I prefer latex as hooks and...
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