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  1. Re: River Medway any free or day ticket stretches

    Now I appreciate that I was a Kentish in Barming...

    .... a fair few centuries ago.....last time I peeped over East Farleigh was free fishing from just downstream of East...
  2. Re: Tackle, a time of reflection.

    I do not need anymore major tackle items..

    ..well I've written that out 100 times....

    off to the tackle shop now!!!.....I blame Peter Jacobs....all I was going to do with my perfectly adequate...
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    Re: Hi from Kent

    Welcome Steve,

    Good to have another Kentish man on FM....(even if this KM has spent rather too long in the northern wilds)

    Hope you find FM useful and amusing!!!
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    Re: Much Needed

    Now Peter.....let's be specific ....which particular meteorologists would you want to make use of your right knee? ;-)
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    Jimmy Randall

    Just picked up the sad news of the death of Jimmy Randall. He passed away yesterday.

    Jimmy was one of the greats in the Southern Match Angling Scene. Very much one of the key lights in Roding...
  6. Re: At last! Another Caption Competition!

    Dyson's new organic hoover proves to be a bit of a dog!
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    Re: meat cutter?

    Can verify one of PJ's bloody episodes!!! "They are dashed sharp"....that's roughly the only "translation" that will not get us barred!

    Got to say I'm old school - push meat out of tin...and cut...
  8. Re: supertision, fishing and you

    Be assured your undergarments are safe from me!!!
  9. Re: supertision, fishing and you

    Always raise my hat/doff the cap if a Heron is seen. Better angler than I'll ever be.

    Worryingly I now give a nod to Nog even if I'm not fishing. I suspect age, insanity... :omg:

    (please feel...
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    Re: New member

    Welcome Lee..hope you find Fishing Magic useful.....and entertaining!
  11. Re: More is Less - Kevin Perkins

    Could that have been on a Northern fly the Derbyshire region Neil? :wh:omg:
  12. Re: More is Less - Kevin Perkins

    I am sad to hear that you are melting down your wax tablets and snapping your stylus......hope that isn't too painful. Your work will be sorely missed by a number of the regulars here at FM. I am...
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    Re: How very rude!

    Can I please point out that the Mods, Editor and members do not tolerate personal insults/ individual spats etc. We know that there is often healthy debate and genuine disagreement over some topics....
  14. Re: New book on Ivan Marks and the Likely Lads

    Have a great launch Mark - ordered mine and awaiting delivery with anticipation. :-)
  15. Re: rod most anglers have owned

    Agree with Bob...the CTM series or the Enterprises....

    .and the Ivan Marks Persuaders was also very popular.. shows I'm of a certain vintage :-)

    ....Taperflash - the orginal tank aerial model
  16. Re: Cartoon Caption Competition No.11

    PoshPaul decided to dress down for the day.
  17. Re: Dick Clegg hands over the management of the England Veterans World Angling Champi

    If anybody in UK Sport deserved a knighthood it's Dick Clegg...(and I don't approve of the honours system as a rule ...apart from all those BEM's and MBE's that go to street sweepers, dinner ladies...
  18. Re: PaSC Events September

    pterjg and ken more...this should give you a flavour of the quality events the PaSC put on....
  19. Re: PaSC Events September

    How very dare you!! That's my medium size flask......just that I thought you might rumble me if i brought the same cod in the large flask two sessions running.

    Even you lot aren't that...
  20. Re: Cartoon Caption Competition No.10

    "You put your right leg in, your left leg's off"

    This wasn't any version of the Okey Cokey he had heard before!!!
  21. Re: PaSC Events September

    "Sane people"...

    ..perceptive devil you Sam Vines.....spotted the flaw in our argument straight'll fit in nicely...bring your cheque book...and some Hawes Wensleydale :-)
  22. Re: PaSC Events September


    I was born in Wealdstone, grew up in Kent......

    and still the Northern devils got careful they'll pick some very fine bite....and you're doomed, doomed I...
  23. Re: PaSC Events September


    There is also the delights of handmade Scotch Eggs...all the way from the West Midlands.

    Other recent highlights include Coal Cheese....that's genuine and was very very tasty.
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    Re: How did you get on?

    "(seems people only want to fish for Carp nowadays:confused:"

    That must be the reason why the PaSC always go to Damp Flask :w:omg:
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    Re: How did you get on?

    That's enough - if you are both unable to sort this out without ruining what is generally regarded as one of the most useful and popular threads we suggest you both consider your positions as members...
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