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    Re: Graham - what a great shot

    The shot wasn't Photoshopped but it was set up. A mate was pulling the line to make the bobbin rise while I took the shot.

    Which is why the line is going down at an angle from the butt ring.
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    Re: A new Wye venue

    PS: And another reason why a through-action rod, one that will bend from tip to butt, is better for playing fish than a rod with most of its action in the tip.

    Rod design is always a compromise;...
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    Re: A new Wye venue

    All rods get stronger as they curve 'into the butt', but more often than not 'getting stronger' means the rod has 'locked up', ie, the tube has reached its full curve and collapsed as far as it can...
  4. Re: Big Fish Angling - Chasing the Monsters

    Excellent read, I enjoyed that.
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    Re: Preston 'C' Series Rods

    I've had the 10' Carbonactive Mini Carp rod for a few years and wouldn't swap it for anything for fishing the tip up to about 35yds.
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    Re: the ethics of commercials!

    The balanced view is that there are good commercials and bad commercials, good non-commercials and bad non-commercials.

    Jimmy is spot on, if a fishery owner is only interested in the profit he...
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    Re: Compact Cameras

    It's a shame the screen on the P7100 doesn't swivel, but the zoom end of the lens has a longer reach than the G12, 200mm as against 140mm (35mm equiv). And I already have a wireless remote that will...
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    Re: BIG ROACH a book by Mark Wintle

    I'm surprised that some anglers seem surprised that fish recognise elderberries as food considering there may not be any elderberry bushes in the vicinity.

    And yet those same anglers accept that...
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    Re: Fishing Lesson's ?

    Yes you do, and that still stands, any time you can make it, you know that.:w
  10. Re: Angling Times - is there too much news in it?

    More interesting is to ask what changes should be made, or do we need to admit that most of us find all we want from fishing reading and buying on the internet?

    Most of what we could suggest has...
  11. Re: Angling Times - is there too much news in it?

    Only when I remember my wallet.:w
  12. Re: Angling Times - is there too much news in it?

    I never was any good at maths! But I knew 302,000 a week was way, way over the actual figure of around 50,000.
  13. Re: Angling Times - is there too much news in it?

    I think it means the average weekly sales of AT are 302,000 divided by 52, which equals about 58,000 copies per week, which sounds about right.

    I think the most they ever sold in a week was around...
  14. Re: DNA ...a new era for records or the start of a big mess ...

    It's about the question of whether the captor can or cannot withdraw a ratified record from the BRFC list. I think we have established without a shadow of a doubt (with the exception of maybe one...
  15. Re: DNA ...a new era for records or the start of a big mess ...

    Exactly Ron.
  16. Re: DNA ...a new era for records or the start of a big mess ...

    What matters is what the BRFC say, not what we think. They say the captor holds the record.

    The fish is the record, the captor holds it, and history owns it.
  17. Re: DNA ...a new era for records or the start of a big mess ...

    According to the BRFC (and they run the show) the captor holds the record but it doesn't belong to him.

    As with the other analogy I used, the 'four minute mile' didn't hold the record, Bannister...
  18. Re: DNA ...a new era for records or the start of a big mess ...

    Furthermore, I won't be exchanging any personal insults or red herrings with you as I believe my argument regarding withdrawing record fish is strong enough to not need the support of personal...
  19. Re: DNA ...a new era for records or the start of a big mess ...

    Ray Roberts will not be the only one who sees your reply for exactly what it is, and it needs no explanation from me as it is so transparent. Is that really the best you can offer to what could have...
  20. re: I'm really getting tired..................

    I suppose you have to have fished for all species, including 'bland pasties' in 'muddy holes', match fished, sea fished and fly fished in order to appreciate and fully understand another angler's...
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    Re: Trotting-- sitting or standing.

    Almost always standing, but introducing loose feed downstream of me so that the fish are accepting it further down than where I'm stood.
  22. Re: DNA ...a new era for records or the start of a big mess ...

    Sorry to bring this one up again after it had appeared to have faded into the background but I've been waiting for a reply off a BRFC Committee member so as to once and for all clarify the position...
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    Re: Record fish....

    Terry Hearn has that indefinable something that puts him head and shoulders above most, if not all, modern carp anglers. The fish he catches appear to be a result of dedication, determination and...
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    Re: Record fish....

    I'm sure you are right there
    Well that's 2 of us. But mate, I believe most anglers do.[/QUOTE]

    Three of us.

    Catching big fish (for the waters fished), or winning matches, consistently is how...
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    Re: Dotted down, rubbish?

    There is a very simple way to tell how much resistance a float is offering to a fish.

    It's how much weight is needed to sink it from whatever position it currently holds.

    For instance, if a...
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