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    Fishing book bargains

    My friend David Grayling has run a specialist book business for the last 40 years selling books on fishing, hunting and shooting. He’s about to retire and is clearing stock, offering a 30% discount...
  2. Cumbria Fishing Festival, May 15-22nd - final programme alert!

    At the start of next week, with just over a month to go, we’ll have the Cumbria Fishing Festival programme finalised at last. Many events are fully booked, a number have places available and there...
  3. Angling Trust North-West Regional Forum - really impressed

    I attended what I think was, technically speaking, the first AGM of the above yesterday evening. I went as an individual member of the Angling Trust, with no idea of what attendance was going to be...
  4. Safeguarding fishing forever - check this out

    Read this and ask yourself if the same might apply to angling

    UNESCO declares falconry a living cultural heritage

    At a Meeting of the parties to the 2003 Convention on Intangible Cultural...
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    I am aware I've put a large ticket on it, but the...

    I am aware I've put a large ticket on it, but the figure was suggested by the only other person I found who had one. I'd say it represented scarcity value!
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    The most beautiful landing net

    Some years ago I was given the most beautiful landing net I’ve ever come across. It’s a wooden (ash, I think) Gye-style net usually favoured by salmon and trout anglers, but suitable for anyone...
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    Dunno. My copy hasn't arrived yet. Will try and...

    Dunno. My copy hasn't arrived yet. Will try and post here when I've seen it.
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    Any reel collectors on here?

    Because a pal of mine has just put a very unusual fixed spool reel of mine – the Mepps ‘Super Meca’ – onto ebay, here

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    The history of our sport in pictures

    After many years of collecting and research, my pal David Beazley has finally published (on 30/10) the definitive book on the history of british freshwater angling as it has been depicted in prints...
  10. Stop the EU dictating our welfare policies in respect of wild animals

    The story is here. I'm sure the Trust are on to it, but just so you know

    Countryside Alliance - EU animal welfare survey - please take part
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    watch it online anytime at Catching the...

    watch it online anytime at

    Catching the Impossible - 4oD - Channel 4
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    watch it again on 4OD

    according to the Channel 4 website, the show will be available to watch online, through their on demand/watch again service (4OD), sooon after broadcast. So enjoy the lie in!
  13. International Fly Casting Stars in Lune Valley Extravaganza – Sunday May 16th, 10am.

    until 4pm-ish.

    Some of the finest casters of the fly with both single and double handed rods, will be visiting the Underley Estate water on the River Lune in south Cumbria on Sunday 16th May. The...
  14. McCartney may be a pain, but check out this guy...

    McCartney may be a pain, but check out this guy that I posted about in Baitbox (if you haven't seen it)
  15. Cumbria Fishing Festival - 4 weeks to go

    Spring has certainly arrived in t’north (tho’ some soft, cloudy, fishing-friendly weather would be welcome) and with just four weeks to go until the second fishing festival starts, here’s a reminder....
  16. Paul McCartney anti-fishing pro-PetA poster

    here. Zooom in and read the copy

  17. Cumbria Fishing Festival 2010 - it’s on! May 15th-23rd

    I’m delighted to say that the innovative ‘festival of fishing’ that a bunch of us up in t’north created in 2009 is to happen again. The 2010 event has a similar but expanded format, and we’re asking...
  18. Maybe it's only Scottish fish that have such...

    Maybe it's only Scottish fish that have such 'feelings'?
  19. See their animal rights policies here Policies...

    See their animal rights policies here

    Policies for a Sustainable Society - Animal Rights
  20. Please note, before anyone mistakes it for an...

    Please note, before anyone mistakes it for an endorsement, that 'really helpful' is intended to be heavily ironic!
  21. Really helpful new book - Do Fish Feel Pain

    story here Do fish have feelings too? It's a slippery question for science | Mail Online
  22. phew - Swiss reject animal lawyers

    story here BBC News - Switzerland rejects move to provide lawyers for animals
  23. Fishing mentioned in this Guardian story of animal rights euro-lunacy

    Story here

    Antoine Goetschel, the lawyer who defends animals | World news | The Guardian
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    try this

    Thames Anglers Conservancy Home Page
  25. Anyone watching 'The Big Fish' on the Travel Channel (Sky Freesat Channel 251)?

    It’s rather good

    On tonight, midnight -1am.

    Travel Channel United Kingdom | Our Programmes:The Big Fish

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