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    Re: Single most expensive item of tackle

    Blimey this makes me realise I've been a tight old so and so down the years. I do baulk at paying out lots of money for anything that's going to get thrown down muddy banks and stored in the garage....
  2. Re: What type of fishing are you really bad at?

    s63 and Mark Wintle nail it above, I'm rubbish at anything that involves a long wait. I like to think of fishing as a kind of puzzle that I'm actively trying to solve, it will likely require...
  3. Re: What GB fish specie wise up the quickest--

    I wince a bit about this now but I do remember a day back in the early 80s, I'd have been about 12 and was fishing a relatively urban thames backwater with two or three friends from school. One of...
  4. Re: Your views on barbless or barbed hooks?

    Fair comment. I only really fish for barbel on the wye or the thames which I guess is pretty much the extremes in the levels of the stock... in the thames (and tribs I also fish) i'd be lucky to see...
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    Re: Next generation legends?

    Oh and by the way - maybe I should put out my own definition of "legend". For me, that's someone who actually manages to convey a sense of why we should go fishing in the first place rather than the...
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    Re: Next generation legends?

    I actually do know the answer to this, Carl and Alex Smith, they're youtbers who fish for pretty much everything. The reason that they'll be legends is because my 12 year old lad is really into them...
  7. Re: Your views on barbless or barbed hooks?

    I do get what your saying there tigger, however the only comeback I'd make to that is that you can't retrieve a fish without keeping pressure on it, so surely that's just something that has to happen...
  8. Re: Your views on barbless or barbed hooks?

    Hi Alan, good point about the barbel, my only response to this would be that the part of the barbel that we generally hook seems like a much more robust material physically than the corresponding bit...
  9. Re: Is a lead weight ban on the horizon? Angling Times February 25th

    Bang on Mark. I'm pretty sure the tackle trade would find a way round this if it wanted to. And to the OP, alarmist? How exactly? Are you suggesting that catching fish without lead is...
  10. Re: Your views on barbless or barbed hooks?

    I happily use barbless hooks for all of my fishing save lure or deadbaiting for pike (and even with the deadbaiting, i'll crush two barbs and only used the barbed hook to go in the bait)

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    Re: All this Rain

    Cheers for that Sylvanilo, all makes sense. I've only been fishing the seacourt the last three seasons or so, and I definitely agree that the fishing is patchy. That said, I've never known it be...
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    Re: All this Rain

    The seacourt? Empty? Not sure i'd agree entirely with that. I generally catch when I fish it around Wytham. Nothing massive but I couldn't possibly say it was empty? I had a chat with an old...
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    Re: Brolly vs Day shelter thingy

    I have and use both... the brolly sees far more use (it's a maver flatback with a "nubrolli" pole system where the pole can be relocated at the back to give you more room underneath, this is really...
  14. Re: Any universal quiver tips you would recommend?

    I would be a little bit cautious of "universal" quiver tips because i'm pretty sure that whilst some manufacturers tips will interchange (for example, my greys and Drennan tips are completely...
  15. Re: Winter fishing - tactics and info on what the actual Fish do in the worser weathe

    ^^^^^^^^^ this!!!! ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ sums up my thoughts on winter fishing perfectly. Chub are the quarry, liquidised bread is the feed and bread or cheesepaste the hookbait. Travel light and try to...
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    Re: Rod ready holdall

    the new Korum folding 3 rod quiver is definitely on my Christmas list. You can put any size of rod in it, and I will use protective tip-tops on the tops of my rods... however it is certainly a piece...
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    Re: The cost of your fishing.

    I pay for three club tickets; £60 for Newlands in Standlake, £20ish quid for North Oxford AA and £20ish quid for Kidlington Angling club (which also gives me membership of ODAA and gets me miles of...
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    Re: Tackle shop mark up on boilies

    Terry, i'm not sure the implication was that the profit was misunderstood... more that the margin might move around a bit, based on what kind of a deal you've got from the supplier. Worst case...
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    Re: Favourite bird?

    I can't believe i'm the first to get here with this but my absolutely favourite bird to see whilst fishing is the grey heron. I love the way that such a massive thing can seemingly disappear at will...
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    Re: I Concede.

    As the online betting tagline goes, "when the fun stops, stop!"

    I have to confess to getting very excited about the next 5 months of the river season. The summer hordes of swimmers, dog walkers,...
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    Re: Chub and the future

    Is there the tinniest bit of danger here of attributing predation as the problem based on nothing other than diminished catch returns?

    So I was fishing a few weeks back on a small thames...
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    Re: Pellet mash

    Just going to add to this that, flow allowing, there's actually two very distinct things you can do with a feeder in regards to how the feed is going to come out.

    When I start a session, before...
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    Re: Monster carp

    I've actually quite enjoyed the two shows so far. There's a lot more to presenting TV shows than i think most people realise... and the cast of three that Korda use for this i think works pretty...
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    Re: fishing over depth

    Rayner absolutely nails it there for me... your shotting pattern whilst float fishing can be given a whole lot of variation which might make all the difference to getting a bite or not, or solving...
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    Re: method feeders

    I gave up on the mould a long time ago, I just use my hands to apply the bait to the feeder.
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