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  1. Re: Why not have lure fishing at Farmoor reservoir?

    I consider myself a multi species angler, in short I enjoy catching most freshwater fish , mostly on seasonal basis, pike- winter, Tench- summer etc if uyou get my drift.
    I always enjoy the odd day...
  2. Re: What's your favourite feature to fish to?

    My all time favourite amongst many is an underwater " hump" on the riverbed on the river Trent.
    It's a Barbel anglers dream if they float fish it with trotting gear.
    The fish lay immediately behind...
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    Re: Forum changes

    Thanks to Cliff , he did a good job!
    I just hope the new server is much more user friendly than this one.
    TBH it's frustrating to say the least for guys not up and together when using computers.
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    Re: Swingtipping

    Used to fish the swingtip in matches on the Witham, Welland, Coranation cut in Spaldind, the Middle level. Relief channel and many of the fen drains.
    Back then it dominated the Fenland match scene....
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    Re: Burton Waters Marina,Lincoln

    Tom. Is the fishing at Burton waters open to non residents?
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    Re: How did you get on?

    I had a last trip on the Don in Sheffield for some Greyling.
    Sadly it was pushing thro hard with extra water from the previous two nights.
    We started off on a favourite swim and length but it...
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    Re: How was your Season?

    A dry start on a stillwater saw my next outing to the Trent at was flooded. I had two 13+ Barbel in the first two casts.
    That day seemed to be repeated whenever I had a change of specie be it Chub,...
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    Re: Very big float!

    Mark, If that's a painting and not a print you have a real bargain !
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    Re: How did you get on?

    I've been headbutting a brick wall of late, seven trips out with no bites told me it was time for a change before one last eighth try.
    So I decided to try for some roach over Derbyshire way .
  10. Re: What GB fish specie wise up the quickest--

    I'm beginning to think it's big Perch, so so wily . Do the same thing and bites can just dry up.
    Wooden spoon-- Trout !
  11. What GB fish specie wise up the quickest--

    -- after being caught on rod and line, and which one gets the "wooden spoon" ?
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    Re: What makes a good match angler???

    Down in fenland when Bream were the target fish it was very often down to the peg you drew !
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    Re: Angling booklets

    Steve, I well remember using Luton 2 fishing line as a boy angler back in the mid fifties so at a guess I'd say those booklets may just date a year or two earlier .
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    Re: Next generation legends?

    "I know a few and have fished with them."
    The Northwest has produced some of the best Mike!
    I've fished beside numerous big name anglers- call them "legends"if you will , that said the finest...
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    Re: Next generation legends?

    A good question Steve. I look at angling and anglers today and see the way it's going , seemingly down a more focused single or few species route that makes adherents more likely to know more and...
  16. Re: Interesting observations whilst fishing...

    A rat carrying its young to safety on a rising river Witham. A seagull eating a blackbird that couldn't reach the shore 'cos of hi winds. A stoat or weasel dragging a rabbit into the undergrowth.
  17. Re: Andy Scholey: I fish, therefore, I am…

    Enjoyed that, very good Andy.
    When finding the most likely one that had helped make a better world I cancelled out the Newton/ Leibniz scenario straight away 'cos anyone allowing yards of slack...
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    Re: The effortless, everlasting wormery

    Steve, I made one out of scaffold battens four years ago. It's maybe 6'x2'x 3' deep.
    I feed it regularly with kitchen waste and it's amazing how many dendres it produces, this winter being mild...
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    Re: Anyone fishing?

    In a word-- NO !
  20. Re: if you could fish ANYWHERE in the world for 2 weeks???

    Always fancied Iceland myself for a few Salmon.
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    Re: Using tackle how you like.

    There are times when bites are really hard to come by so I will fish loose float ridiculously overdepth but will keep a tight line from rod end to hook along with a number eight or six shot close to...
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    Re: Feeder rod for big fish

    Ben 10. I'm a big fan of twin tips, there are several makes around that should easily fit your reqmnts.
    Drennan series 7 , Soniks amongst the many available will give you what you require.
    Most can...
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    Re: Some inspiring viewing...

    I have to get this in, in respect of my earlier comment and my suspicion of bait choice in conjunction with the type of float used.

    Can you imagine if that was an ordinary straight or bodied...
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    Re: How did you get on?

    I really don't have much, if anything to talk of fishing wise .
    Five whole days in recant weeks have come to nothing tangible except a couple of lovely dawns, a few nice chats with the odd walker...
  25. Re: If you target a certain species of fish.....

    I enjoy all species and methods in almost equal measure. Whichever of both depends on the seasons and conditions prevailing on a chosen water at any one time.
    Over the course of this season alone...
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